Zoc, Kica and Marsal from morava river – Legends and myths of cacak basketball

31 Ott 2021

Saturday 13th November at 7.05 pm – online


RTS Radio Televizija Srbije

SERBIA 2020, 37 min

Director: Marko Ljubomirovic

Editing: Goran Mijic

Actors: Zeljko Obradovic, Dragan Kicanovic, Radmilo Misovic, Marko Marinovic, Marko Ivanovic, Aleksandar Stefanovic, Darko Tanaskovic

Photos: Nebojsa Tesla

Soundtrack: Mulitple songs and authors

Voice Off: Bojan Zirovic

Producer: Djuro Vukobrat (RTS)

From an outlandish place, where they believe that dipping the hands into the river improves the shot, came three heroes that made Serbian and world basketball history. Radmilo Mišović, Dragan Kićanović and Željko Obradović, the basketball “holy trinity” from Čačak, became absolute legends of the game. It is the story of the particular mentality of this town’s people, of the deeply ingrained culture of work and intense training, and of Čačak’s fabled basketball audience.