Varane, destin de champion

23 Ott 2020

Sports discipline: Soccer

Production company: Federation Entertainment & Prime Video Europe

FRANCE 2019, 90 min

Director: Theo Schuster

Editing: Bertrand Briard

Photos: T. Payré, N. Libersalle, C. Roussev, L. Capelle, T. Schuster, E. Le Ber

Soundtrack: P. Avia, F. Music

Producer: Myriam Weil, Federation Entertainment

CoProducer: Yvette Productions

The life and exceptional career of Raphaël Varane, one of the best football defenders in the world from his RC Lens debut to his victories at Real Madrid and his 2018 World Cup triumph with the French national team. The daily life of this professional athlete, who is an example of humility and discretion far from the stereotypes of the “stars” of international football.