23 Ott 2020

Sports discipline: Fencing

Production company: Scherma & 20 ASD

ITALY 2020, 3 min

Director/Editing: Thomas Noonan

Actors: A. Albini, M. Barbisotti, A. Cafiero, C. Mochi, J. Piccinino, V. Russo, S. Vezzoni

Photos: Thomas Noonan

Soundtrack: Clara Mochi

Voice Off: Vincenzo Russo, Clara Mochi, Adriana Albini

Producer: Scherma & 20 ASD


During a check-up,  the doctor suggests to some patients to exercise and introduces them to a fencing room. Here they meet an Olympic champion and a researcher who tell  their experiences and highlight benefits of this sport. The patients try to wear the uniform, the glove, the mask and get on the platform, ready to fight with all their efforts the disease. When they take off the mask on their faces, a smile finally appears.