23 Ott 2020

Sports discipline: Taekwondo Basketball

Production company: Irimage

IRAN 2019, 100 min

Director: Milad Sadrameli

Editing: Bahram Dehghani

Actors: B. Radan, M. Sedighian, F. Hosseini, A. Shojanoori, R. Azadivar

Photos: Payman Shadmanfar

Soundtrack: Christophe Rezai

Producer: Ali Sartipi, Rasoul Sadr Ameli

Iranian taekwandoka Morteza Nezhadi accepts to be defeated in the Olympics 2002 due to some political reasons and then he loses everything in his personal and professional life. After eight years, he is called back for another attempt in the national team, but he must face a young stubborn world champion called Behdad Moghimi also known as “Tsunami”. Once again there is turmoil in his personal life too when it comes to his partner, a girl basketball player who is not accepted in Iran’s national team for her Afghan descent.