Thunder’s five Milano – 20 Anni di successi

24 Ott 2020

Sports discipline: Baseball hypo and blind

Production company: Thunder’s Five Milano BXC

ITALY 2020, 37 min

Director/Editing/Photos: Jacopo Benini

Producer: Thunder’s Five Milano BXC


Thunder’s Five Milano tell the story of the most successful baseball team for the blind (BXC) in Italy. Founded from an idea of the “GSD Non Vedenti Milano ONLUS” in 1999, under the guidance of former Serie A athletes of “Milano Baseball 1946”, in a short time it established itself as a reference point for the AIBXC movement (Italian Baseball Association x Blind). Through the testimonies of the direct protagonists, we  retrace the victories, anecdotes and highlights of the sports career of the last twenty years. Let’s discover the secret of the Thunder’s success: huge sense of belonging, based on friendship, commitment and fun.