The skiing support team

26 Ott 2020

Sports discipline: Skiing

Production company: Beijing Media Network Sports & Documentary Channel

P.R. OF CHINA 2019/2020, 30 min

Director: Zhao Yi, Wei Jiatong

Editing: Wei Jiatong, Deep Blue Studio

Photos: Ma Yongjie

Soundtrack: Yang Xuanjun

Voice Off: GuoYu

Producer: Beijing Media Network Sports & Documentary Channel

A team of professional volunteers created by the Winter Olympic Organizing Committee, the Skiing Support Team, experienced the final test of the 2019 snow season and was appointed to the 5th National University Ski Challenge. The Skiing Support Team made more than ten work on the track, such as refereeing, flag door installation, track leveling, safety net maintenance, etc. Many of them were volunteers who participated in the 2008 Olympic Games.