The big Ciuriddia

23 Ott 2020

Sports discipline: Soccer

Production company: Peppe Tata

ITALY 2019, 44 min

Director – Voice Off: Peppe Tata

Editing: Andrea Salibra, Giuseppe Torre

Photos: Marco Calafiore

Soundtrack: Sebastiano Forte

Producer: Peppe Tata

CoProducer: Associazione Culturale Polisena

Peppe Tata traveled throughout Italy, from Floridia to Udine, across cities such as Cefalù, Milan and Brescia, to reach finally the United States and in particular the city of Hartford, a true “piece of Sicily” in the vast American continent. It reveals the melancholic and poetic figure of the emigrant, who holds the ancient and sometimes forgotten feeling of belonging to their native land. The journey into the memories of a town marks a new map of that town and redefines the principle on which every civilization is based through its evolution: there is no future without the past.