Taking refuge

24 Ott 2020

Sports discipline:  Riffle Shooting

Production company: Olympic Channel

SPAIN 2020, 60 min

Director: Vanessa Hudson

Editing: Chris Herde

Photos: Daniel Hollis

Producer: Yiannis Exarchos, Mark Perkman, Mary Byrne, Greg Groggel, Nicolas Delloye


Inspired to make the world a better place through sport, three-time Olympic champion Niccolò Campriani has decided to accompany three refugees in a difficult and exciting challenge: Olympic qualification for the Tokyo Games. Campriani selected a group of refugees to see if any of them had the qualities to qualify for Tokyo 2020 in the 10-meter compressed rifle discipline. Using the knowledge gained during years of experience as a high-level athlete, the former shooter is coaching and guiding three boys, Mahdi, Khaoula and Luna, on a journey to rediscover themselves through sport.