Surviving bokator

26 Ott 2020

Sports discipline: Martial Art

Production company: Cineboxx Film & TV Inc.

CANADA 2018, 97 min

Director: Mark Bochsler

Editing: F. Lutchmedial, T. Scherbak, K. Schjerning, J. Cami Johnston

Actors: San Kim Sean, Ung Darith, Oum Tharoth

Photos: Mark Bochsler

Soundtrack: Adrian Ellis & Cambodian Space Project Band

Producer: Sandra Leuba

CoProducer: Associate Producer Cambodia – Loy Te

From the majestic site of Angkor Wat to the world stage, San Kim Sean, an elderly Master who survived the brutal Khmer red regime, struggles to revive Cambodia’s traditional martial art of Bokator, win an international competition and preserve it in the nation’s youth. A powerful story of a nation like Cambodia, through a unique look at the claim of cultural identity and national pride that today is rarely seen in films and media.