Riding Unphill

2 Nov 2021

Saturday 13th November at 11.50 am – online

Ciclismo / Cycling Keirin


JAPAN 2018, 106 min

Director/Regista: Kan Eguchi

Editing/Montaggio: Keisuke Ota

Actors/Attori: Kenichi Abe

Photos/Foto: Takahiro Konomi

Producer/Produttore: Koji Morikawa


Koji Hamajima is a 39years old man, training at Shuzenji bicycle race school to be an official racer. Surrounded by 20-something young boys or even teenagers, Koji struggles to keep up with the level on everyday training. Eight years ago Koji was a professional baseball player of Fukuoka Softbank Hawks. He was designated for assignment and it lead to a difficult and shabby life. Being frustrated by betraying his best friend and his family, Koji left his wife and son, and went back to his hometown alone. However a long-familiar face from local ramen shop encouraged him to become a bicycle racer…