Refugee heroes the road to Tokyo

26 Ott 2020

Sports discipline: Athletics, Swimming, Weightlifting

Production company: NHK – Japan Broadcasting Corporation

JAPAN 2020, 49 min

Director: Mariko Iino, Yoshiko Nakata

Editing: Yoshibumi Senoh

Photos: Kosuke Mitsuhashi, Kazuhiko Kozaki

Voice Off: Chris Wells

Producer: Hiroaki Ishizaki, Daisuke Koyama

Following the historic debut in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, the Olympic refugee team is ready to support the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics again. In recent years, a large number of people, currently over 70 million, have been forced to flee their homeland. Some of them turn to sport with the aim of landing on the largest stage in the world. Refugee athletes from Syria, South Sudan and Cameroon are overcoming formidable challenges on their long road to Tokyo.