24 Ott 2020

Sports discipline: Cycling

Production company: Prem1ere Film

ITALY 2020, 50 min

Director/Producer: Sara Grimaldi

Editing: Italo Scialdone

Actors: M. Pellegrinuzzi, S. Sourice, N. Miton, G. Nicolas, D. Martin

Photos: S. Grimaldi, M. Pellegrinuzzi, S.Gruen, V.Salis

Soundtrack: Luigi Scialdone


Matteo Pellegrinuzzi, a photographer living in Paris, is affected by a primary immunodeficiency since birth. A bike enthusiast, he decides to undertake a challenge against himself and his condition on July 6th 2019: riding the 270 km that separate Paris from London in less than 24 hours to bring a message of hope to the patients and their families and to raise awareness on primary immunodeficiencies.