Edition 2013

The main mean of the presentation used by FICTS for the promotion and the spread of the Olympic values and of the sport culture, is the Worldwide Championship of Cinema and Sport Television “World FICTS Challenge (WFC)”, a competition for cinematographic and tv works come from all over the world, articulated in 14 Phases together with the World Final step. FICTS, through the “WFC”, promotes the quality of sports images and the co-operation of those whom work creatively in sports television, broadcasting and cinema. FICTS, through the Festivals’ structures, supports the producers and the directors in the licensing procedures and processes for accessing Olympic content.

From China to Brazil, from Africa to Europe, more than 3 million fans every year celebrates the “World FICTS Challenge” in 14 locations across 5 Continents. Every “World FICTS Challenge” event creates a huge demand for a similar event in a new Country.


One of the key tasks for “World FICTS Challenge” is to make the events accessible to as many people within the host Nation as possible. For this reason all the events are with free entrance in order to give a possibility to participate for those who would not otherwise have the means to purchase tickets.

The 14 Festivals of the “World FICTS Challenge”:

  • BARCELONA (Spain) 17 -20 April
  • HANOI (Vietnam) 25 – 26 April
  • RIO DE JANEIRO (Brazil) 23 – 28 May (CINEFOOT)
  • DOHA (Qatar) 24 – 25 May
  • MATERA (Italy) 30 May – 2 June
  • HAIFA (Israel) 19 – 22 June
  • BEIJING (P. R. of Cina) 12 – 18 August
  • KAMPALA (Uganda) 13 – 15 August
  • SAMARA (Russia) 10 – 13 September
  • TASHKENT (Uzbekistan) 18 – 20 September
  • LIPETSK (Russia) 24 – 27 September
  • LIBEREC (Czech Rep. ) 15 – 17 October
  • LOS ANGELES (Usa) 8 – 10 November
  • MILANO (Worlwide Final Italy) 4 – 8 December