Lionel Messi, the most famous and strong footballer on the planet, could soon become a leading protagonist of the big screen. The personal history of Messi is a perfectly cinematic history, is the story of a man who overcame the difficulties and became great. For this reason, the model that should inspire the biopic about South American champion is “Rocky”, the film on the Italian-American boxer and misadventures of a thousand-willed in 1976 by starring Sylvester Stallone.

Picture by the film “Soufian” (TV3 Catalunia) winner at “Sport Movies & Tv 2012”

The company has acquired all rights to the biography “Messi: The Inside Story of the Boy Who Became a Legend” by Luca Caioli Italian journalist author of books about Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldinho and Lance Armstrong,. Epic will finance and produce the film.

The Epic would still be searching for the writers and director: in any case, the goal is to release the film in June 2014, when in Brazil will take place in the twentieth edition of the World Cup.


Picture by the film “Soufian” (TV3 Catalunia)
Lionel Messi won with Barcelona everything. He has a record of 4 “Golden Balls”, the only missing the world with the Argentine national team. As a child, Messi was diagnosed with a serious illness, but his greatest talent was noticed and Barcelona. The rest is history of football, a story that has a beautiful image. Messi off the head and takes a giant Van Der Sar in the Champions League final against Manchester United in Rome in 2009. David beats Goliath in goal, a great true story that is already film in itself.

The film will be invited to Milan to “Sport Movies & Tv” and will premiere during the fifth edition of “BCN SPORTS FILM – BARCELONA INTERNATIONAL FICTS FESTIVAL”