Edizion 2007


All the pictures of the “Sport Movies & Tv 2007 – 25th Milano International FICTS Festival”, (from 27th October to 1st November at Palazzo Giureconsulti in Milan) branched for each event, are available on www.sportmoviestv.com/photogallery.asp – Choose the gallery ”Sport Movies & Tv 2007” where you can download and riproduce the pictures. The Official Catalogue of the “Sport Movies & Tv 2007” (96 pages) is on-line on the FICTS web site at link www.sportmoviestv.com – “Download Catalogue 2007“. Inside there are published synopsises, pictures, timetables and day of projection. The Programme at link www.sportmoviestv.com – “Download Programme”. The Trailer of the video at link http://sportmoviestv.net/video/index.asp?l=0.



At the Quadrennial General Assembly of the FICTS (Fédération Internationale Cinéma Télévision Sportifs), on the 28th of October in Milan, Prof. Franco B. Ascani was re-elected, by a unanimous decision, President of the Federation for the next four-year period. Deputy Presidents, the Uzbek Sabir Ruziev and the Ugandan Andrew Luwandagga; General Secretary, Massimo Lavena. On the web site is published the list of the members of the Board of Trustees and those of the three Federal Commissions.



“Sport Movies & Tv 2007 – 25th Milano International FICTS Festival” is the most important International Festival dedicated to sport cinema and television, Final Phase of the “World Ficts Challenge 2007” (12 phases in 5 Continents). It has registered a great success of public and has been inaugurated by the French actor Philippe Leroy, at the presence of numerous personalities of the Sport, among whom 30 Gold Olympic Medals. 150 Producers and 98 Directors have attended the Festival. 150 the Projections of the 52 sports disciplines from 45 Nations, 8 the Conventions, 2 the Workshops, 2 the Extensions, 5 the Connect Events, 4 the Presentations of books and 30 the Awards. More than 1000 champions on the screen (www.sportmoviestv.com).



On the occasion of the “25th year of FICTS foundation”, the dominant topic of the Festival is “Woman and Olympic Values”. At Palazzo Giureconsulti (P.zza Mercanti, 2 – Milan) has taken place the exhibition “WOMAN AND OLYMPIC VALUES: Woman and Sport, Yesterday and Today”, by the OLYMPIC MUSEUM LAUSANNE – IOC. The public has greatly enjoyed the 42 pictures shown, the protagonists of which have been: Cathy Freeman (Australia), Nawal El Moutawakel (Morocco), Andreea Raducan (Romania), Dot Richardson (Usa), Susan O’Neil (Australia), Yuko Arimori (Japan), Lisa Leslie (Usa), Stefka Kostadinova (Bulgaria), Venus Williams (Usa), Yukari Watanabe (Japan). Free entrance.



Prestigious guests from the world of sport, cinema and journalism have been present at the 25th  edition of the“Sport Movies & Tv 2007”. The event has been attended by: Philippe Leroy (“Guirlande d’Honneur to the career), the famous French actor who’s fond of parachuting and who has been Champion with the French National of rugby, Yelena Isinbayeva , holder of the world pole vault record and Olympic champion and “Guirlande d’Honneur” as “personality of the year”, Massimo De Luca (“Guirlande d’Honneur”) sport journalist Editor of Raisport. Standing ovation for the HRH Principe Faisal Al Hussein of Jordan,  awarded with the “Special Award” for the video “Peace through sport” wich,  with its strong message of peace, has won “Sport Movies & Tv 2007”.



“Sport Movies & Tv 2007” has been opened by the greeting message of the President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Jacques Rogge, at the FICTS as partner of the CIO, for its fondness and high professionality. To represent the IOC have attended the Festival: Ottavio Cinquanta Member of the Executive Committee, Francesco Ricci Bitti President of the International Tennis Federation, Bruno Grandi President of the Federation International of Gymnastic and Gianni Merlo President of the AIPS (International Press Association Sports). The greeting message of the CISM President (Comitato Internazionale Sport Militare) General Gianni Gola has arised great interess during the Opening Ceremony . On the day dedicated to the “World FICTS Challenge”, Doct. David Herren has shown, through multimedial images, the activities of the Information and Management Department of IOC, directed by Philippe Blanchard, instead Arnold Ross, has presented the OTAB, the sports movie and televisions library which reports the Olympic Games history of all the times. The OTAB during the Festival set up an exposure place in the sala Torre in Palazzo Giureconsulti.



Guirlande d’Honneur” for “Sport Movies & Tv 2007 – 25 th International FICTS Festival”. Olympic Spirit Section: “Does Passion Live Here?” (Italy); Documentary/Individual Sport: “The Secret Spot” (Usa); Documentary/Team Sport: “Varajdian Pedestrains” (I. R. Iran); Documentary/Great Champion: “Joost Su Joost” (U.K.); Documentary-Reportage/Individual Sport: “Two Swimmers” (U.K.); Documentary-Reportage/Team Sport: “Mission Clean Sport” (Germany); Tv Sport Show/Individual Sport: “Sfide: Il sogno della Parigi – Dakar” (Italy); Tv Sport Show/Team Sport: “Watts” (France); Sport & Society/Sport & Solidarity: “Best in the world” (Poland); Sport & Society/Sport for all, education, didactics: “New Generation” (Russia); Movies “Runners High” (Usa); Sport & Adverts/Social & Commercial Advertising: “Peace Through Sport” (Jordan). The “Critique prize in memory of Bruno Beneck” to “Two swimmers” and the “Special prize Provincia di Milano” to “Peace through sport”  (delivered to HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein of Jordan).



“Sport Movies & Tv 2007 – The 25th Milano International FICTS Festival”, organized by the FICTS (Fédération Internationale Cinéma Télévision Sportifs, recognized by the IOC – International Olympic Committee) associated with 102 Countries, has been held under the “High Patronage of the President of the Italian Republic”, in collaboration with the Regione Lombardia – the Patronage of the IOC – Information Management Department, NOC (National Olympic Committee), Common Sport Council and the Province of Milan, the European Commission, the Chamber of Commerce of Milan. The Partners of the event are: Istituto per il Credito Sportivo, Milano-Bicocca University, Panathlon, Amova. Media Partners are: AIPS (International Sports Press Association), the daily sport magazine Gazzetta dello Sport, Datasport, Sportlife and ATM.



Awarded with the “International AMOVA Awards”: Giacomo Agostini 15 times worl champion of motorcycling; Vincenzo Onorato 2 times world champion of sailing; Stefania Bianchini world champion of boxe, Franco Ballerini Coach of the Italian Team world champion of cycling with Paolo Bettini. Together with 30 “Gold Medalists at the Olympic Values”, Irene Camber the first italian female gold medal of fencing; Maurizio Damilano olympic champion of racewalk at Moscow 1980; Ivano Brugnetti olympic champion of racewalk at Athens 2004 and the “myths” of fencing: Giancarlo Bergamini , Luigi Carpaneda, Edoardo Mangiarotti and the olympic Giuseppe Moioli. To represent the Institution, among the others, the President of the Town Council of Milan, Manfredi Palmeri, the President  and the General Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce Carlo Sangalli e Pier Andrea Chevallard, the Sport Minister of Provincia di Milano Irma Dioli, the Regional President of CONI Pino Zoppini, the Regional Councilman Alessandro Colucci and the Sport General Director of Regione Lombardia Roberto Lambicchi. Among the numerous guests present: Padovan Giancarlo (Director of “Tuttosport”), Elio Trifari (V. Director of “La Gazzetta dello Sport”), Angelo Vassena (“AMOVA” President), Walter Cottini (President of the Young Sector of FIGC Milan), Pietro Pastorini (Guru of the racewalk), Giorgio Porrà (Managing editor “Sky”), Sandro Piccinini (Director of  “Controcampo”).



It is on-line on www.sportmoviestv.com, the new poll intitled: “Vote the best movie awarded with the“Guirlande d’Honneur” to “Sport Movies & Tv 2007 – 25th Milano International FICTS Festival”. The poll: “Women Sports Champions and Cinema: Choose, between the female sport champions (Anna Kournikova, Maria Sharapova, Franziska Van Almsick, Carolina Kostner, etc) the female personality wich would better fit a movie or Tv role”. The contest has ended with the first place for  Carolina Kostner (ice – skating), followed by Maria Sharapova (tennis).


Approved by the Board of Trustees, the temporary calendar of the World FICTS Challenge 2008  (definitive dates will be setted within the 1st December) consists of: Mombay (India) 17/20 January 2008; Liberec (Czech Republic Ceca) 22/25 May 2008; Varsaw (Poland) 30 May / 1 June 2008; Kransgorsk/Moscow 5/9 June 2008; Hanoi (Vietnam) 19/24 June 2008; Tashkent (Uzbekistan) 10/12 July 2008; Tehran (Iran) 25/28 July 2008; Kampala (Uganda) 29/30 July 2008; Lipetsk (Russia) 12/15 September 2008; Milano (Italy) 30 October / 4 November.