Edition 2017


Milan – from 15 to 20 November – has hosted the “SPORT MOVIES & TV 2017 – 35th Milano International FICTS Fest”, Final of 16 Festivals (in the 5 Continents) of the “World FICTS Challenge” Worldwide Championship of Cinema, Television and Sport Culture. The phases took place at: Barcelona (Spain), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Beijing (China), Pokhara (Nepal), Tashkent (Uzbekistan), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Lipetsk (Russia), Oaxaca (Mexico), Kampala (Uganda), Liberec (Czech Republic), Tashkent (Uzbekistan), Zlatibor (Serbia), Lipetsk (Russia), Kampala  (Uganda), Cote d’Azur (France), Tehran (I. R. Iran), San Paolo (Brazil).
The Festival – under the slogan“FICTS Is Culture Through Sport” – is organized by FICTS – Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs, joined with 116 Countries (chaired by Prof. Franco Ascani, Member of IOC Culture and Olympic Heritage Commission) recognized by the International Olympic Committee for which it promotes the values of sport through footages.



A flattering budget, interesting results for the outstanding internationality of the event, completed by participatory success on a national scale, a success of  critics and audience (crowded halls and high audience ratings) from the 5 continents. These are the elements that characterized the event (a major international showcase for media, television broadcasters, world networks, radio, production houses, producers, directors, Olympic Committees and Sports Federations, Sports Champions, Advertising Agencies and Communications) that presented to public – in 6 days of sports cinema, television and culture – 140 Projections selected from 63 Countries, 30 World and European Previews, 30 Hours of Exclusive Olympic Images, 55 Sports Disciplines, 900 Champions on screen, 200 Directors and Producers, 210 Accredited Journalists, 102 Broadcasters involved, 6 Exhibitions, 8 Meetings, 2 Workshops, 2 Press Conferences, 7 Collateral Events distributed in different seats of the city, 23 International Guest Awards with the collaboration of Sergio Bonelli Editore. 85 Production Houses and 64 Network Televisions have created the 2017 edition through documentaries, reportage, TV commercials, fiction, cartoons, etc. for a total of 102 hours.



During the “Sport Movies & Tv 2017”, the High Institutional, Civil, Sports and Military Authorities intervened.

  • Raymond Anderson, Member of Board of Directors Jamaica Olympic Association;
  • Anna Arzhanova, CMAS President
  • Emanuela Audisio, Journalist and author of the documentary “Da Clay ad Alì. La metamorfosi”
  • Diana Bacosi, skeet shooting Olympic champion in Rio 2016;
  • Giulio Basile, gold medal in judo category 66 kg in Rio 2016;
  • Stefania Belmondo, Olympic champion in skiing (10 medals, two of them are gold ones);
  • Giancarlo Bergamini, fencer, one of the oldest Italian Olympians alive (91);
  • Elena Bertocchi, medaglia di bronzo ai Mondiali di Budapest 2017;
  • Diana Bianchedi, team foil Olympic champion (2 gold medals);
  • Stefania Bianchini, flyweight boxer, 4 times world champion;
  • Carlo Bozzali President of the International Jury,
  • Maria Bulatova, Olympic Academy of Ukraine President and Member of IOC Commission Culture and Olympic Heritage;
  • Luciano Buonfiglio, President of the Italian Canoe Kayak Federation;
  • Irene Camber, fencing Olympic medal in Helsinki 1952 and Roma 1960 (91);
  • Gerard Camy journalist and writer
  • Lionello Cerri CEO Anteo Spazio Cinema,
  • Deborah Compagnoni, skiing Olympic champion (3 gold and 1 silver medal);
  • Filippo Del Corno Councilor for Culture of the City of Milan,
  • Manuela Di Centa, cross country skiing Olympic champion, 2 times gold medal Lillehammer 1994;
  • Barbara Facchetti, delegation chief of the female Italian team;
  • Paulo Roberto Falcao Former AS Roma Player,
  • Marco Fassone, AC Milan Managing Director,
  • Vjaceslav Fetisov, Russian hockey player, former minister of sport in Russia;
  • Daniele Garozzo, foil world gold medal in 2017 and gold olympic medal in Rio 2016;
  • Garth Gayle, 2° V. President Jamaica Olympic Association;
  • Emir Kusturica, Serbian director Palma d’Oro in Cannes and Academy award nominee;
  • Mark Hateley, former AC Milan player;
  • Josefa Idem, kayak Olympic champion in Sydney 2000 and 4 times on the Olympic podium
  • Alina Kabaeva, Russian parliamentarian and gold Olympic medal in rhythmic gymnastics;
  • Tina Kandelaki, General Manager and Russian tv hoster;
  • Takuko Kigaku, NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation;
  • Alain Lunzenfichter President of International Olympic Journalist Association,
  • Giovanni Malagò, Italian Olympic Committee President;
  • Carola Mangiarotti, Olympian fencer;
  • Roberto Maroni, Regione Lombardia Governor;
  • Fiona May, long jump world champion and two times Olympic medal;
  • Rosita Missoni, stilist;
  • Giuseppe Moioli, rower, one of the oldest Italian Olympians alive (90);
  • Cristina Molinari, WCP Media Services President;
  • Andrea Monti, La Gazzetta dello Sport Director;
  • Massimo Moratti, former Inter Fc President
  • Lea Pericoli, winner of 27 Italian tennis titles;
  • Oreste Perri, CONI Lombardia President, four times canoeing wolrd champion;
  • Giulia Quintavalle, gold medal in Beijing 2008 Olympic Games;
  • Francesco Ricci Bitti, ASOIF President;
  • Irina Rodnina, Russian skater, 3 Olympic gold medals;
  • Antonio Rossi Councilor for Sports and Youth Policy of the Regione Lombardia,
  • Fabrizio Sala, Vice President di Regione Lombardia;
  • Juan Antonio Samaranch Jr, Member of IOC Executive Board;
  • Diana Safarova, Public Council of the Republic of Tatarstan President
  • Katia Serra, footballer, tv commentator;
  • Filippo Tortu, European gold medal in Grosseto 2017 and silver medal in Worlds 2016;
  • Valentina Vezzali, fencing Olympic champion (9 Olympic medals);
  • Mina Valyraki, “IOC Sport Artist of the Year 2014”.



On November 16, 2017, at the Palazzo Giureconsulti, took place the FICTS General Assembly, attended by representatives of the 116 countries affiliated to the Federation. New Members of the FICTS 4 Commissions have been elected: International Festivals, Communication & Marketing, Cinema and Television rights Youth, Culture and Education. Each organizer presented the Festivals of the International Circuit “World FICTS Challenge 2018”. During the works Prof. Franco Ascani illustrated the “Report” to the Board of Directors and to the Members of the FICTS International Commissions, with the aims of the Federation and action lines on the 2018-2020 organizational and political plan.




Exciting moments during the day (Sunday, November 19th) dedicated to the Paralympic “Heroes”: Palazzo Giureconsulti hosted the “1st PARALYMPIC INTERNATIONAL MOVIES & TV FESTIVAL“, the first International Festival of Paralympic Sports, featured in projections, awards and meetings, with the collaboration of the CIP – Paralympic Italian Committee, with the screening of 14 videos on the Paralympic sports participating in “SPORT MOVIES & TV 2017”. The debate “Sport is a Right” was coordinated by Dr. Claudio Arrigoni, Journalist of “La Gazzetta dello Sport” with the prestigious interventions of Dr. Luca Pancalli President CIP, Dr. Pierangelo Santelli President of CIP Regional Committee Lombardy and athletes Francesca Porcellato, ten participations in the Paralympic Games and thirteen conquered
medals and Giulio Maria Papi, bronze at
European Under-22 of Zaragoza 2014 in basketball
in a wheelchair.




140 Projections on the screens of “Sport Movies & TV 2017” which took part to the 10 Sections of the Festival: 1) Documentary – Medium And Feature; 2) Documentary Short; 3) Documentary – Great Champions; 4) Movies; 5) Tv Shows & Sport Adverts; 6) Olympic Spirit – Olympic Values; 7) Sport & Society – Sport Values; 8) Movies & Tv Football; 9) Movies & Tv Football – Great Champions; 10)Sport & Disability. On podium, among the winners of the 10 Sections, were: China with 5 awarded productions, Italy with 18 awarded works, USA with 3 works, Russia with 5 and France with 3 productions. Beyond China, Russia, USA, France and Italy, 14 Countries have been awarded: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Georgia, Germany, Japan, UK, Iran, Netherlands, Czech Rep., Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and Vietnam.
The complete list of the “Sport Movies & Tv 2017” winners is available on http://www.fictsfederation.it/jury_minutes_2017.pdf.



The sala Parlamentino of Palazzo Giureconsulti in Milan (Piazza Mercanti 2 – corner Piazza Duomo) hosted Thursday, November 16th the Premiere of the Official Film of the Olympic Games Rio 2016, “Days of Truce”, directed by Breno Silveira (Conspiração Filmes, Brazil – 2017, 90 min).
The projection was preceded by the award ceremony of the oldest living Italian Olympic athletes: Irene Camber (91 years old, fencer, gold in Helsinki 1952 and bronze in Rome in 1960), Giancarlo Bergamini (91 years old, fencer, 1 gold and 2 silver in Helsinki 1952 Melbourne 1956) and Giuseppe Moioli (90 years old, rower, gold in London 1948). Dr. Oreste Perri, President of CONI Lombardia, delegate of the President of the CONI National Dr. Giovanni Malagò, will intervene.




The exhibitions set up under “Sport Movies & Tv 2017” at Palazzo Giureconsulti:

  • “Donne sportive in prima pagina”, covers of La Gazzetta dello Sport and original basketball movie poster with female protagonists by Mirco Cussigh;
  • “Beijing in Milan: Cinema and Sport” at the Beijing Day (presented on november 16th at 12.45 pm) by BODA (Beijing Olympic Development Association), with the original posters of the 18 winners of the 13th edition of “Beijing International Sports Film Week “;
  • “Olympic Images, Olympic Values” and “Official Olympic Film Posters”, memorabilia and videos, exclusive Olympic CIO images;
  • “Gli Eroi di Bonelli”, the most famous characters (Dylan Dog, Tex, Zagor, etc.) of the comics by Sergio Bonelli Editore;
  • “3D Sport Emotions: Sport As You’ve Never Been”, sports images of famous photographers in three dimensions.




The Giureconsulti Palace (Piazza Mercanti, 2) was the scenario of 4 Meetings and 1 Workshop during “Sport Movies & Tv 2017”. The Sala Parlamentino has hosted the Meeting “Russian Olympic Sports, Industry and Broadcasting: Problems, Evolution, Future” in collaboration with the Russian TV channel “Match TV” with Qualified Speakers: Francesco Ricci Bitti, President of ASOIF and vice-Director of Olympic Channel, Tina Kandelaki, General producer of Match Tv, Alina Kabaeva, Olympic champion (gold Athens 2004), Founder of International Rhythmic Gymnastics Charity Foundation, Alan Lunzenfichter, International President of the Association of Olympic Journalists, Giovanni Contri, V. President WCPMedia Services, Ann-Mari Albertsen Co-founder Fatstone Tv (Norwey) and Takuko Kigaku of NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation.

At the end, the Ceremony for the “TV Sport Emotion Award”, awarded by FICTS, to “Match Tv” as the Best Television Channel voted on www.sportmoviestv.com. Prof. Franco Ascani gave the award to Tina Kandelaki.
In Sala Esposizioni the meeting “Succhiami la ruota” was on stage in yesterday’s and today’s cycling by Marco Pastonesi: a real cyclo-letterary relay with Claudio Gregori, Ildo Serantoni, Davide Cassani, Giorgio Terruzzi, Giacomo Pellizzari etc.
Great success for the presentation of the “Trofei di Milano 2018 – Educazione cultura e sport per i giovani”  the athletics championships and training activities to which the young people from the Milan Metropolitan city schools attended, followed by the prizes of the teachers and the winners of the Educational Activities of the 2017 edition. Great participation for the meeting “Nordic Walking: a 100% health discipline“. The Sala Esposizioni hosted the awards ceremony of the third edition of the Institutional Partner Campaign ““Vivere da sportivi: a scuola di fair-play”” (President Monica Promontorio) with projections and debates with students who participated in the same campaign that involved the 2nd degree Italian Schools through the realization of short videos on Fair Play in Sports.



Prestigious locations hosting “Sport Movies & TV 2017”. The 17th-century Palazzo Giureconsulti, in the heart of Milan (Piazza Mercanti, 2 – Piazza Duomo) – besides hosting the “Inauguration Ceremony” of the Festival – was the “Core Business” of the event with Projections, Meetings, Workshops, Exhibitions, Press Conferences, Related Events, International Guest Awards.
Università degli Studi Milano Bicocca and Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore hosted respectively the Masterclass “Le emozioni dello sport attraverso le immagini” (video and films with exclusive Olympic images and the main sports disciplines) and “Sport Movies & TV – lo sport e i suoi valori” (projections and debate on sport and its values). The Auditorium Testori of the Palace of the Lombardy Region (Piazza Lombardia – Milan) was the seat of the “Awarding Ceremony” on November 20th, with the delivery of “ Guirlande d’Honnuer “, “Mention d’Honnuer” and “Special Prizes” to the winners of “Sport Movies & Tv”. The Ceremony was opened by Fanfara dei Carabinieri who played ” Chariots of Fire” and the Italian National Anthem and dancing performances by Carol Alberio and Luigi Ferrari of the Federazione Italiana Danza Sportiva della Lombardia. During the event, the performances of Danza Mania and DSM Baby Crew 2017 took place.



Live in television (Sport Mediaset, Sky Sport24, Rai Sport, TGCOM24, Match TV, Lombardy Sat, 5TV, etc.), streaming video, radio and television services as well as articles on-line (national and international) (Virgilio, thematic channels linked to AS Roma, Tuttocalciomercato, Milanonline, Adnkronos, Milan Today, Libero, Gazzetta.it, etc.) and on printed papers (La Repubblica, Corriere della Sera, Tuttosport, Ansa, Il Giorno, Il Messaggero, La Stampa, Il Fatto Quotidiano, Sport Tribune, Eventbrite, Repubblica.it. Cinemaitaliano.info, CalcioeFinanza, Prima on-line, Regione.lombardia.it, Il Romanista, La Nazione, etc.) contributed to the media success of the event. “Sport Movies & Tv 2017” has been the protagonist for 6 days on REN-TV (among the largest television channels in Russia) with a daily program – led by journalist Alexander Mostoslavsky – with a dedicated studio within the Festival, during which, in addition to the projections of the best images of the competing videos, the highlights of the event, interviews were broadcast with 42 characters from sports, cinema, television, directors and international producers to the operators of the industry involved in “Sport Movies & Tv 2017”.
Official Media Partners of “Sport Movies & Tv 2017” were: the newspapers “La Gazzetta dello Sport, “Il Giornale” and the website “Sportsmall.it” with daily releases for all six days. Radio Lombardia, the official radio show of the event presented the event before, during and after both daily radio passages (including radio newspapers in the days preceding the event) and in the 20 minute in tv program “Mattino Lombardia”. The “Awarding Ceremony” was broadcast live in China by CCTV – China Central Television.



The Palace of Lombardy Region in Milan, packed in every order of seats, hosted the “Awarding Ceremony” of “Sport Movies & Tv 2017” (https://youtu.be/zi3VcJP39Q0). A wide participation at national and international level, a success of critics and audiences, in the presence of sports champions, Institutional and Sports Authorities, international producers and directors, featured the 35th edition of the Festival awarded with “Medaglia del Presidente della Repubblica” by the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella.
All Photos of the Festival are available and downloadable from the “Photogallery” section www.sportmoviestv.com/fotos/photogallery-sport-movies-tv-2017-milano/.. All the information on the Festival with the Print Folder, the Official Catalog (104 pages) with all the works, the program, the Trailer of the 140 “SELECTED” videos that have participated in the Festival can be seen in the “Trailer” section of http://www.sportmoviestv.com/en/selected/sport-movies-tv-2017/.
The complete list of the “Sport Movies & Tv 2017” winners is available on http://www.sportmoviestv.com/en/2017/11/20/sport-movies-tv-2017-the-winner-is/.
The highlights of “The best of Sport Movies & Tv 2017″ available on https://youtu.be/zi3VcJP39Q0 while all prizes during the “Award Ceremony” available on https://youtu.be/1TJPYq_1lUM.