Undeniably young: Nora Young & the six-day race

5 Nov 2022

Company: Evoke Films

Country: CANADA


Discipline: Cycling

Director: Julia Morgan

Editing: Julia Morgan, Joan Navarra

Actors: Nora Young

Photos: Photo: Jan Keck – Animator: Leyre Arroyo Abaroa

Soundtrack: Sarah Slean

Voice Off: Sarah Slean

Producer: Julia Morgan




It’s 1936 and 19-year-old Nora Young is a multi-sport champion, brimming with trophies, talent and an indomitable zest for life. Breaking into the surreal world of men’s Six-Day bike racing, she seizes a rare opportunity to become one of few female cyclists to compete “on the old speed saucer” (on a velodrome track). Combining hand-drawn, rotoscope, digital puppet, and photo animations; narration by virtuoso singer/songwriter Sarah Slean (who also composes for the film); and interviews with Young (age 95) telling her own story more than 70 years later, a fun and feminist short film that finally gives a groundbreaking, nearly forgotten athletic hero her rightful place in history.