I Am What I Am

9 Mar 2023

Sun Haipeng, Cina, 2021, 104’ 

Cast: Li Xin, Chen Yexiong, Guo Hao, Li Meng

Films distribution: Tiger Pictures Entertainment Ltd

Production: Joe Zhang, Haiming Cheng

Editing: Sun Haipeng

Editing: Li Zelin

Language: Chinese

Subtitles: English, Italian

Premiere: Milan premiere

Main awards: Best Animated Feature Film (Faro Island Film Festival 2022), Best Animated Feature Film (To Ten Chinese Film Festival 2022)


Animated film of the year in China, I Am What I Am tells the story of three teenagers in the south of China: Gyun, Kat and Doggie. They suffer from a lack of self-esteem because they have been abandoned in the home village of their parents who have emigrated to Canton. The boys are bullied by a local gang but nurture a great dream of revenge: winning the national championship of an ancient Chinese tradition, the Lion Dance. The exciting performance of movements, acrobatics and colours of the folk dance is heightened by the infinite possibilities of computer animation of very high quality.