24 Oct 2017

Company: China Sports Publications Corporation

Country: P.R. OF CHINA


Discipline: Dance

Year: 2014

Director: Cui Yiming, Wang Xian, Sun Lei

Editing: Wang Ruiqi, Peter

Photography: Cui Yiming, Leng Xiao, Cai Xing

Soundtrack: Liu Zhen

Voice Off: Sheng Xiyou

Producer: Xu Jing, Cao Yong

Coproducer: Zhang Haifeng, Tu Xiaodong

Time: 26 min

Projection: Friday 18 November  – 15.30 – Sala Donzelli

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Xiqiao Mountain, located in the southwest of Foshan is regarded as the home of “Nanquan Culture” by many martial arts fans. It is also famous as the birthplace of Huang Feihong, a grandmaster of martial arts.. During the traditional festivals and big events, there is always lion dance to liven up events. The lion dance performer and his taking over the stage in order to impress the audiences. There is no boundary between different countries and districts in this art, lion dance spreads out in Southeast Asia, Europe, America, and is no longer only centralized in Guang Dong province anymore. Where Chinese people are there is always a  lion dance. In 2006, the Guangdong lion dance was approved by the State Councils as the first batch of National Intangible Cultural Heritage.