Based on the profitable relationship with The Olympic Museum (TOM) and in range of the proposals for the “Olympic Agenda 2020” of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs (FICTS) studied and realized a Project of collaboration with the Olympic Museums Network (OMN) through audiovisual-expositive contents and international communication.

FICTS, as operative branch, will provide the spread and the organizational operations to send (through its cloud system WCPMedia Services).

Project to promote the Olympic Culture through “on demand” events  organized by FICTS in the Olympic Museums of the world.

The main activities:

1. Cine discussion on specific themes with Audiovisual projections (50 sports disciplines / 7 sections + 1 Olympic Section) put at disposition by FICTS:

  • Loop projections of sports and Olympic images
  • Meetings about sports values and formative courses with Schools
  • Cultural activities linked to the Project and awarding of culture personalities
  • Creation of a digital Archive for the exchange of the contents among the Museums

2. Each OMN Museum will be able to choose the audiovisual contents that will use to organize at its own seat:

    • Meetings and formative courses with schools
    • Meetings on specific topics with sports associations
    • Thematic events with local personalities
    • Celebrations of special anniversaries
    • A calendar of projections like cineforum
    • Video-installations with images on loop