FICTS realizes free distribution of technical-didactic audiovisuals to help and support developing countries to promote and spread the practice of sport as an educational and social need, mainly promoting the concept of “Sport for All”, using images of the Olympic and Paralympic Games to promote Olympic culture.

The following activities are inspired by the framework of the 2020 Olympic Agenda Recommendations:

  1. Culture Through Sport: 16 Festivals in 5 Continents –  “World FICTS Challenge”
  2. Spread of Olympic Images
  3. Researches studies and education
  4. Media, Web and Social
  5. Sport and Tv Channels
  6. Exhibitions, Museums, etc.
  7. Sport, Schools, Universities, etc.
  8. Olympic Short Film Contest”
  9. Solidarity through Images
  10. Stakeholders: the power of the sports images