Dr Patrick Andrew Luwandagga, FICTS 1st V. President is the promoter and the organizer of the “8th Kampala International FICTS Festival” organized in the Ugandan capital from 14th to 16th October.

The event is organized in the framework of the World Championship of the Cinema and the sport Television “World FICTS Challenge” with the patronage of National Council of Sports. Television broadcastings, world-wide Networks, radio, houses of production, major producers, directors, filmmakers will participate with documentaries, fiction, adverts, cartoon, etc. from all over the world. The winners will compete in “Sport Movies & Tv 2014 – 32nd Milano International FICTS Fest” in Milano (Italy) from 3rd to 8th December 2014. As a way of promoting sports journalism in this region, it is our cherished view that your participation in this festival will go a long way in cementing the spirit of togetherness in improving our trade. The Festival brings together the leading sports producers, directors, commentators, camera persons and programme buyers from the region, the continent and the world. Over 70 entries, to be accorded free public entry, will be competing in the five categories.