Slovenia Sportfilm International FICTS Festival: the winners are…

21 Jun 2023

Great success with audiences and critics for the second edition of the “Slovenia Sportfilm International FICTS Festival” which took place from June 14-16, in the beautiful setting of Rogaška Slatina, a city that join sport with wellness and relax.

The event – part of the “World FICTS Challenge” International Circuit – was organized by SKL in cooperation with FICTS, NOC Slovenia and the Municipality of Rogaška Slatina. The Director and Promoter of the Festival is Vojko Korošec Member of the International FICTS Festival Commission.

The “Anina dvor” museum hosted – on 14 June – the “Opening Ceremony” in the presence of the FICTS President Prof. Franco Ascani, the Secretary General Enzo Cappiello, the Mayor of Rogaška Slatina Branko Kidrič, the V. President Metod Ropret and the Secretary General of the Slovenian Olympic Committee Blaž Perko (on behalf of President Franjo Bobinac) and JOA President Christopher Samuda from Jamaica.

Prof. Franco Ascani awarded the Mr Branko Kidrič with the “FICTS Diamond d’Honneur” while the Secretary General Enzo Cappiello delivered the “FICTS Medallion d’Honneur” to the Secretary General of NOC Slovenia Blaž Perko.

The Festival was articulated into screenings with 45 finalist films (out of 143 received) from Italy, Pakistan, Bosnia, Qatar, Vietnam, Holland, the Czech Republic, the Philippines, Turkey, the USA, etc., exhibitions and meetings.

A roundtable discussion dedicated to the role of sports in Slovenian schools was held in the morning. The roundtable brought together representatives from schools, educational experts, sports organizations, and other relevant stakeholders. The discussion was moderated by the artistic director of ISFF, Natalija Gorščak. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the importance of sports in the educational process and promote its integration into the school system.

The other meeting was on June 15 with Mitja Okorn (pic below), a renowned film director, who shared his experiences and insights into filmmaking and the connection between film and sports. He humorously described his beginnings as a director and presented his future plans.

The Festival through the slogan “Culture through Sport” promotes cultural and Olympic values, learning about the sporting spirit and exploring Olympism.

The winners of the Festival  will participate in “Sport Movies & Tv 2023”, Final of the “World FICTS Challenge” World Championship of Sports Cinema and Television which will take place in Milan from 7 to 11 November.