New Entry in the World FICTS Challenge 2023 in Budva – Montenegro

5 Apr 2023

The city of Budva in Montenegro is ready to host – from August 17 to 19, 2023 – the “Montenegro International FICTS Festival” (#BSAFF) a phase of the “World FICTS Challenge”. The event will be organized by Extreme Production directed by Montenegrin photographer and director Mr Miloš Todorović in collaboration with FICTS, the Municipality of Budva, the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism and the Montenegrin Olympic Committee (COK).

FICTS – Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs (joined with 130 Countries –, is the only Federation of the field recognized by the IOC (International Olympic Committee) for which it promotes the values of sport through footages, supports and organizes – every year – the “WORLD FICTS CHALLENGEWorldwide Championship of Cinema, Television and Sports Culture (20 Festival in the 5 Continents) with its Final “SPORT MOVIES & TV” (Projections, Meetings, Workshop, the “Paralympic International Movies & Tv Festival”, Exhibitions, Awards of National and International Guests, Side Events, etc) held in Milan (Italy).

A delegation of FICTS led by the President Prof. Franco Ascani and the Secretary General Dr Enzo Cappiello will meet the local institutions and the Festival Organizing Committee in the coming months.

“From various experiences, after visiting sports film Festivals and meeting several producers, the idea and desire to do something similar in Montenegro was born. FICTS has 130 joined Countries of which 20 have their own sports film Festival organized in collaboration with the Federation recognized by the International Olympic Committee. The idea that Montenegro could host one as part of the “World FICTS Challenge” International Circuit was born. In addition to culture, sport is also one of the best representatives of the country, as demonstrated by the results of our athletes, both individual and as a team. By making documentaries and films about sports legends in general, we leave something for future generations because their achievements should be recorded this way. Sport is a pure emotion and an honest story” . The city of Budva is a candidate for “European Capital of Culture 2028″ so such events are in its favor”said Miloš Todorović in an interview.

The Festival will consist of screenings (already 77 movies received), exhibitions, workshops and award ceremonies.