The FICTS Executive Committee met the Organizing Committee of Nagano International Festival

20 Jul 2022

The FICTS Executive Committee led by the President Prof. Franco Ascani and by the Secretary General Dr Enzo Cappiello met (online) the Organizing Committee of the “Nagano International FICTS Festival”, a new entry in the “World FICTS Challenge 2022” International Circuit. The Festival will be held in the city Olympic in Nagano (Japan) from 20 to 28 August.

During the meeting, the President of the Organizing Committee Dr Ryuichiro Tsuchiya and the Senior Advisor Dr Kimi Koyanagi (former Member of the Organizing Committee 1998 Nagano Olympics) presented the official logo and the Program of the Festival which will also be based in the city of Matsumoto (Prefecture of Nagano) where the “Opening Ceremony” will take place on August 20.

The Festival will be articulated into Screenings, Meetings, Exhibitions and – as part of the “Olympic Images E-Motions” Program promoted by FICTS in agreement with the Olympic Foundation for Culture and Olympic Heritage of the IOC – a day dedicated to Olympism will be organized to make known and promote Olympic values ​​and to discover new sports through projections of official Olympic films and films from the FICTS archive and with debates on the Olympic theme.

The “Award Ceremony” is scheduled for August 28 in Nagano.