Lisbon International FICTS Festival from October 8-10 in Portugal

4 Oct 2021

The “Lisbon International FICTS Festival” is organized by UESPT – Portugal, in streaming, with a partnership of the FICTS and CineFoot-Brasil. In 2021, the Festival, part of International Circuit “World FICTS Challenge” will take place from October 8th to 10th. This 3rd edition will feature three competitive exhibitions, namely: Sports and Society, Cinefoot Portugal and Television.

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In this edition, the Festival will also feature thematic Conferences for which Local Authorities, Sports Federations, Clubs and National Cultural Associations and international organizations will be invited to collaborate, and will include a commemorative tribute to the centenary of the birth of Professor Moniz Pereira.

There will be an Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony, not in person, with awards. The organization has a team of volunteers from UESPT Portugal. The Opening will be opened by the video message of FICTS President Prof. Franco Ascani.

The winners will participate in the Final “SPORT MOVIES & TV 2021” in Milan from November 8-10.

The Festival aims to promote “Sport fo All”. The Lisbon Sport Film Festival is particularly aimed at sensitizing parents, families and the general population to the benefits of sport and sports practice in Health and Quality of life at all ages and also aims to draw the attention of the Tertiary Sector – Culture, Tourism and Society – for the added value that investment in Sport represents.

The organization of the Lisbon Sport Film Festival, aware of its financial limitations – as it is a large non-profit event, opens in 2021 to the audio visual, ensuring the continuity of previous editions and contributing to lessen the impact of COVID 19 in the sectors of sport, physical activity, well-being and personal development, highlighting the unquestionable value of sport and the practice of regular physical activity in promoting areas such as education, sustainable development, peace, cooperation, solidarity, social inclusion and health.