“Zlatibor International FICTS Festival 2021”: the winners are…

6 Sep 2021

Zlatibor (Serbia) was the seat – from August 26 – 29 – of the “10th Zlatibor Sports Film – International FICTS Festival” organized in the framework of the “World FICTS Challenge” World Championship of Cinema, Television and Sport Culture.

The Jury of the Festival was composed from: Božo Sušec, sports journalist, commentator and editor (Croatia), Anita Panić, TV author, documentary filmmaker and writer (Serbia), Vladimir Stanković, journalist, writer and film author.

The winners that will compete in the Final “Sport Movies & Tv 2021” in Milan (November 9-14) are:


  • Grand prix – The best film of Festival:

“THE GAME OF MY LIFE” (Serbia) directed by Ivica Vidanović


  • Best Short Documentary (up to 40 Minutes)

“JOKER – NIKOLA JOKIC” (Serbia), TV series episode: “The man who makes a difference” directed by Natasa Sevic


  • Best Medium Documentary (from 40-60 Minutes)

“IVAN’S GAME” (Croatia) production by Gral Film Zagreb.


  • Best Feature Documentary (more than 60 minutes)

“RADJA” (Croatia) directed by Vojan Koceić


  • Best Feature Film



  • “Dinko Tucaković” award for the Best Directory of Documentary Film

“VAHA: PORTRAIT OF A LEGEND” (Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Monaco): Author: Igor Latinović, Producers: Igor Latinović, Romain BoussacKoproducenti: Marie Tauzia, Al Jazeera Balkans

Director of photography: Romain Boussac. Production: IL Production Monaco


  • Award for Best Photography and Design

“A LIFE TIME IN THE GAME” (Germany) directed and edited by Branko Krstic. Director of Photography: Milutin Labudovic, produced by: Nina Krstic, Petar Jovanovic.


  • Award for the Best Film about High Moral Values in Sport

“MEDALS FOR LIFE: FROM MLAVA TO THE THAMES” (Serbia): production: Yubinet


  • Special Recognitions of the “MFSF Organizing Committee”

NOVI PAZAR – THE CITY CREATING CHAMPIONS” (Bosnia and Herzegovina). Author: Sabahudin Topalbecirevic, production “Simposar”, Sarajevo.


  • N° 1

“DRAGAN PANTELIĆ(Serbia): Director: Vladimir Ristic, Production: Citi production Nis

“A SAD NIGHT IN SPLIT” (Serbia). Author: Milan Stojiljkovic, Producer: Radovan Maksimović,  SPORTNETWORK NS.


  • Olympic Section

“GENERAL DJUKIC” (Serbia). Authors: Ognjen Rakčević and Milan Todorović. Supported by the Olympic Committee of Serbia


“OLYMPIC PLAYER FROM BEGEJ” (Serbia). Author: Stojanka Lekić, production: Association “Pecat” Zrenjanin


“ZOC, KICA AND MARSHAL FROM MORAVA RIVER – LEGEND AND MYTHS OF BASKETBALL” (Serbia).Author: Marko Ljubomirovic, TV Director: Milica Matic, Narrator: Bojan Zirovic, Production: RTS, OKO magazine