Tv Sport Emotions and Audience Award 2018

18 Nov 2018

Sala Parlamentino of Palazzo Giureconsulti hosted, on Saturday November 18th, the Award Ceremony of “TV SPORT EMOTIONS AWARD” assigned to “The best of world Tv Sport Channel”. Two categories for the 2018 edition of the award:

  • THE BEST OF WORLD TV SPORT CHANNEL: “Award given for the ability to show innovation, a creative programming and opening, with impact and success to the audience”.
  1. OLYMPIC CHANNEL (Spain): withdrawn the award Dr Francesco Ritti Bitti President, Dr Federico De Mojana Head of Programming and Dr Mariano Amiune Commissioning Editor.
  2. DEUTSCHE WELLE (Germany): withdrawn the award Matthias Frickel Head of sport channel and Herdin Wipper
  3. PUBLIC SERVICE MEDIA, RADIO-TELEVISION OF VOJVODINA (Serbia): hanno withdrawn the award Stojče Stoleski Special Shows Editor-in-chief, Dimitrije Banjac Editor, Dejan Ćirjaković Editor, Zoran Nikolić Video edito
  • SPORT VALUES OF A TV PROGRAMME: Award for the best reportage or tv series produced for the television in national or international markets for encouraging the intellectual development of viewers, especially the young ones and for highlighting the socio-educational, human and spiritual values of sport practice”.
  1. SVT – SVERIGES TELEVISION (Sweden): Åsa Edlund Jönsson Head of Sports
  2. NHK – JAPAN BROADCASTING CORPORATION (Japan): Keiichi Bo Senior Producer
  3. RTR TV CHANNEL RUSSIA (Russia): Elena Smirnova Film Director and Olga Smirnova Producer
  4. CZECH TV (Rep. Ceca): Pavel Landa


MEDIASET as “TV Network that, without the participation of the Italian National football team, has recorded an audience of 297 million of viewers, with 49 million more (+ 19.7%) compared to the previous edition with the Italian National football team at the last FIFA World Cup”.

 The award was given to Mediaset President Dott. Fedele Confalonieri (in the picture with FICTS President Prof. Franco Ascani).