FICTS in China with Beijing International Sports Film Week

17 Aug 2018

Beijing (P.R. of China) hosted, from 9 to 13 August – the “Beijing International FICTS Festival” organized by the BODA – Beijing Olympic City Development Association in collaboration with the FICTS as part of the “14th Beijing International Sports film Week” which aims to promote the development of sports movies and the Olympic ideals as well as to transmit the Olympic legacy.

Accompanied by the melodious singing of the Olympic Club Chorus, the Closing and Awarding Ceremonies of the “14th Beijing International Sports Film Week” themed on “Winter Olympic Dream with Sports Emotions”.

As an important component of the Beijing Olympic City Sports & Culture Festival, the Beijing International Sports Film Week accumulates energy in the form of sport television and film works, and knock the horn to gather in Beijing in 2022.

50 running-themed film and TV works won the media awards and 21 sport films won the outstanding works awards for the Beijing Station of “World FICTS Challenge” of the “Sport Movies & TV – Milano International FICTS Festival”. These 21 masterpieces will compete, on behalf of China, in “Sport Movies & Tv 2018” (known as the “Oscar of Global Sports Films”) scheduled in Milano from 14 to 19 November.


Awards of ten major sections are finalized, and 21 masterpieces will compete in “Sport Movies & Tv 2018” in Milano

The panorama activities of excellent film & TV works are always a focus of the Beijing International Sports Film Week. During the 5-day activities this year, Tencent Sports screened nearly 200 films, which have so far attracted a total of 2.46 million views. At the same time, the organizer has also organized 33 offline panorama activities, which have received more than 2,000 audience as of August 12. These panorama activities have received wide recognition from the audience and kindled the public’s enthusiasm for sports. More importantly, they have navigated the audience to gain a deeper understanding of China’s ice and snow culture. Compared to previous sessions, the panorama activities this year feature uniqueness both in selection of films and arrangement of venues. The organizer has first joined hands with the National Stadium (Bird’s Nest), the National Aquatics Center (Water Cube), the Beijing Olympic Museum etc. that carry the Olympic memory of numerous people to screen the films, perfectly integrating visual aesthetics and sport aesthetics and driving the dream of the Winter Olympic Games with TV&film technologies. Meanwhile, the organizer has worked with the Capital Star Art Film Theaters to create the “Capital Star Art Film Theaters League·International Vision – Official Olympic Films Retrospective Screening Events”.

During this event, 6 official films of the Olympic Games from that in Los Angeles, US in 1984 to that in Rio, Brazil in 2016 were screened in circulation at 9 Capital Star Art Film Theaters. These films have brought the audience a feast of sports films with appreciative values and epoch-making significances. The sports film week this year has especially presented a grand feast representing Chinese characteristics to the audience together with the Chinese Olympic Committee and the China Film Archive. On August 9-14, the China Film Archive presented several Chinese sport films, which has recalled the audience’s memory about the fascination of these classical films a few years later. Besides, the panorama activities also invited Jared Wilson, the director of the football-themed documentary-The Lord of Milan, the crew of the documentary of youth football in the southern part of Xinjiang-Ura! Halik, and Zhang Xiquan, the director of the documentary related to the ice hockey theme-Back to the Beginning as a surprise for audience. They shared stories about production of these films with the audience and media representatives, and brought the event to a climax for many times.

The Closing Ceremony of the 14th Beijing International Sports Film Week came to a perfect close. Yet, the sports film feast for the audience nationwide has just started. From September 2018 to February 2019, the organizer will also organize joint philanthropic panorama activities nationwide.