President Prof. Franco Ascani at Côte d’Azur International FICTS Festival in Nice

29 Sep 2017

Prof. Franco Ascani President of FICTS-Fédération Internationale Cinéma Télévision Sportifs will attend to the “Award Ceremony” of the second edition of “Côte d’Azur International FICTS Festival” held in Nice (France) at National Sport Museum. The event – inserted in the “World FICTS Challenge 2017 (WFC)” Worldwide Championship of Cinema and Sport Television – is organized by Sophia Antipolis FIFS Association chaired by Claire Peradotto (Organizing Committee is composed by: Renato Ferrari Tullio FICTS representative in FranceEtienne Delhaye Director of Club des Entreprises of Sophia Antipolis, Marco Saitta Secretary) in collaboration with FICTS, with CDOS 06 – Olympic Committee and Sports Departmental of Maritime Alps chaired by Philippe Manassero as well as by the CROS – Comité Régional Olympique & Sportif Cote d’Azur chaired by Ivan Coste Maniere.

From left: Philippe Manassero President of CDOS 06 – Olympic Committee and Sports Departmental of Maritime Alps, Renato Ferrari Tullio FICTS representative in France, Gérard Camy Jury’s President

The President Prof. Ascani will also attend to the the Rounde Table “Qu’est ce qui fait courir l’arbitre?” on the figure of the referee. The National Sport Museum will host during all the period of the  Festival – besides the “Olympic” Exhibition with posters of the official Olympic films – the projections of the exclusive images of the Olympic Games of all time in order to further promote, at international level, the Olympism in the framework of the Project “Olympic Images Emotions” promoted by FICTS in agreement with the IOC Foundation for Culture and Olympic Heritage. The National Olympic Museum will also be the venue of some meeting as well as of the “Award Ceremony” on September 28th. The Festival will be held in different locations. The Provençal Golf Sophia Antipolis has hosted the “Opening Ceremony” on September 26th at the presence of qualified ex personifies of sport and culture.