Become a Volunteer, living as protagonist “SPORT MOVIES & TV 2017”

25 Aug 2017

Do you want to become a volunteer to join the “Sport Movies & TV 2017” Organization, the World Championship Finals of Television, Film and Sports (World FICTS Challenge) , scheduled in Milan from 15 to 20 November?

What are you waiting for? Send your curriculum to

You will be contacted to define the events related to the Festival, to know the staff and to have an active role in the organization!

All VIP Volunteers will be given the “VIP Card” which entitles them to free admission to events (Projections, Conferences, Workshops, Prizes, etc.) for all days (November 15-20).

The operating headquarters of FICTS is in Milan – Via de Amicis, 17.

If you have a social network account (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram), you become a fan of @FICTSFederation.