“La regola di Marco”, the documentary on Marco Simoncelli, will be screened at “SPORT MOVIES & TV 2017”

31 Jul 2017

The Marco Simoncelli’s documentary “La regola di Marco” (Italy), shot by Simone Spadola, will be screened at “SPORT MOVIES & TV – 35th MILAN INTERNATIONAL FICTS FEST”, which will take place from 15 to 20 November 2017 in Piazza Mercanti 2 Milan (Italy).

This is the Final of 16 Festivals (in the 5 Continents) of the “World FICTS Challenge” Worldwide Championship of Cinema, Television and Sport Culture.

“La regola di Marco” tells the life of the pilot told through unpublished videos and testimonies of those who came close to him. Marco Simoncelli is an astonishing case of presence and continuity even after the disappearance. It was enough to live it in the most beautiful years of his human and sports career, to hear him tell his friends and family how to understand that Marco’s rule was simply to have the love around him.

To attend this and the other 145 screenings scheduled during the Festival you can apply for FREE credit (until the seats are exhausted) HERE.