“Kampala Sport E-Motions 2016 – International FICTS Festival”: the only one of its kind in Africa

22 Jul 2016

Andrew Patrick Luwandagga, President of FICTS Uganda as well as FICTS 1st V. President, is the promoter and the organizer of the “10th  Kampala SPORT E-MOTIONS 2016 – International FICTS Festival” organized in Kampala (Uganda) from 26 – 27 July in the framework of the “World FICTS Challenge”. The event – the only one of its kind in Africa – within the city, attracting sports programmes/films from all over the world is organized with the patronage of National Council of Sports. The “Sea Scalop” will be the venue of the Festival. Over 20 entries from 17 Countries have so far entered for the six-categories.


This Festival brings together the leading sports producers, directors, commentators, camera-persons and programme buyers from within the region, the continent and the world.

The winning entry in each category, apart from getting a certificate of recognition/trophy, will qualify to compete in the “WORLD FICTS CHALLENGE” FINAL in Milan, Italy where the annual competition embraces the world’s best in the field from 16 to 21 November.

As a way of promoting sports journalism in this region, it is our cherished view that your participation in this Festival, will go a long way in cementing the spirit of togetherness in improving our trade.