The city of Liberec in Czech Republic was the seat – from 14 to 17 October – of the 17th edition of “Liberec International FICTS Festival”. The event was organized – in the framework of the Worldwide Championship of the Cinema and sport television “World FICTS Challenge” – by the “Sports and Physical Training Organization” of Liberec in collaboration with FICTS, Czech Olympic Committee, the Czech Union of Sport, Film and Television Association (FITES). The promoter of the Festival is Liberec Sport and Physical Education Organizations, Regional Organizations ČSTV in district Liberec. The Festival, presided by Milan Jirásek and by the V. President Ing. Vladimír Boháč, was directed by Dr Pavel Landa.

The Jury of the Festival – chaired by Dr František Kolář – was composed by Jakub Bažant, Jaroslav Černý, Hana Jarošová, Jiří Kratochvíl, Heike Hulánová, David Opatrný, Jiří Závozda. The winners – that will compete in “Sport Movies & Tv 2014” scheduled in Milano from 3rd to 8th December – are the follow.


13th Chamber of Ondřej Moravec” directed by Alena Činčerová (Czech Television – Czech Rep.)

The author presents Ondrej Moravec not only as a successful Olympian and three-time medalist in biathlon at the XXII. Winter Olympics Games 2014 in Sochi, but also as a dour man who love to play sports and at a young age could overcome severe health complications and stand up from a wheelchair.


Nak Muaydirected by Christian Muno, Raoul Schmitz, Fränk Muno (Samsa Film – Luxemburg)

The hero is a young man Kevin Haas, who decided to sacrifice everything to achieve his goal – to become the first world champion in Thai boxing from Luxembourg. Authors in it subtle form of dealing with not only his hard preparation and the actual struggle for the title, but also the doubts accompanyig him on his road to success and that had overcame especially in his head.

Sparta – The Target with a large Sdirected by Filip Slezák (Czech Television – Czech Rep.)

The Film about one of the oldest and most successful czech hockey club preserving the “traditional layout” of interviews, testimonies and archival footage, but does so with invention does not avoid the crisis situations in the history of the club and the hostility that club from the capital provoked among his rivals and their supporters.


Thanks, Hanka!” directed by Tomáš Budka (Czech Television – Czech Rep.)

The film was made on the occasion of parting basketball player Hana Horáková-Machová with active playing career. It reminds her share of the results of large Czech women’s basketball in the 21st century and through interviews with her teammates and coach it represents her as a strong personality, which has retained a nice relationship to her surroundings.


Red Bull X-Alpsdirected by Jiří Hölzel (Czech Television – Czech Rep.)

Report from extreme paragliding race across the highest Alpine peaks deliver not only the story of Czech participant Michael Krysta, who had to overcome, in the course, of severe physical and psychological crisis and coping with ignorance of the terrain, but also a dynamic process and the authors attempt to get to the reasons why such an extreme race complete.


The Cubsdirected by Aleš Valenta (Czech Television – Czech Rep.)

Prize was awarded to a sports magazine that prepares Aleš Valenta for children. Entertaining form and a child’s eyes shows the individual sports disciplines and sport as a lifestyle and a good leisure time activities. Enter the competition part was dedicated to beach volleyball.


Factor U: Longboarding” directed by Petr (Czech Television – Czech Rep.)

The film introduces the basic techniques of driving the “long board”, which is becoming increasingly popular among the younger generation, with necessary utensils and protective equipment. It uses the knowledge and experience of the best Czech champion in this sport Lenka Salačová. It is great for children who fall under the spell of this sport.


A Fine Linedirected by Sébastian Montaz-Rosset (Lymbus, Montaz-Rosset Film – Spain)

The film about a young extreme runners Kilian Jornet, the jury praised not only the main character, who overcomes with an extraordinary efforts the snowy Alpine peaks by running, but in particular the work of the cameraman, who was with him and has to overcome all natural obstacles in order to give the viewer an exceptional experience.

Grouchy – in the saddle” directed by Jakub Skalický (Czech Television – Czech Rep.)

Film in fun way confronts pensioner and the young generation and their tastes, this time with their art on special BMX bikes. The protagonists are also trying to learn and in its efforts lavishe admiration for young cyclists. In a way, also represents a methodological guide how to master this sport equipment.

Fifty years of volleyball friendship Zittau – Hradek” directed by Jaroslav Jiránek, Andre Wunsche (Volleyball Club of Hrádek nad Nisou)


The Czech Olympic Academy awards this prize to the proposal of the jury of the 17th annual Sportfilmu Liberec  goes to Jiří Ježek and David Vlk directors of The Tour of my Life“. The desire of both for the full-blown life, regardless of physical handicap, which was a result of injury or illness, is a great example for all who happened or may happen the same thing.