Sports stories

10 Ago 2018
Company: Rai Ragazzi – Rai Gulp
Country: ITALY
Discipline: Olympic disciplines
Year: 2017/2018
Director: Marco Lorenzo Maiello
Producer: Cristina Cuzzupoli
Time: 16 min




The programme employs a new way of storytelling to discover the youth through the sport and the sport through the young players. Spotlight is switched on feelings and trainings, techniques and desires, efforts and thoughts of teens who are facing the biggest challenge: growing up. In this episode, we will meet Elena, a 15- year-old girl who practices rugby, a peculiar and not girly sport. For a rugby player both mind and attitude are essential and you can consider the rugby ball can be a metaphor for your whole life –the final goal is in front of you to reach, the ball move is behind you  – have a look on your past and learn from your mistakes. Elena describes her talent and love for rugby, a discipline based on sharing and helping each other as a united team.