25 Ott 2017

Company: Yi Xiang Media co. Ltd

Country: P.R. Of CHINA


Discipline: Immersion

Year: 2017

Director: Feng ji, Qi Litai, Li Fan

Editing: Li Fan

Photo: Xiao Peng, Liu Yi, Wang Wenfeng

Soundtrack: I Love Music Ling Qin

Voice Off: Zong An

Producer: Feng Ji

Time: 25 min



Curiosity is the power that drives human beings to keep searching and forging ahead, and it motivates diving enthusiasts to continuously explore secrets buried in the maze under the sea. Since wreck diving is one of the extreme sports with the highest death rate, only the bravest and those with advanced diving skills are able to get access to the historical stories told by these shipwrecks. Liu Yi, a playwright of historical TV plays, fell for diving when he incidentally tried the sport. Starting as an amateur, he has stepped onto the path of wreck diving. He has always dreamed of exploring shipwrecks left by World War II at the seabed of Chuuk, the wreck diving heaven, for which he has to have an intensive training course in the Philippines. Can Liu Yi pass the test of the training and head toward Chuuk? Will he be inspired by the experience under the sea and produce better works?