25 Ott 2017

Company: Zhongshan Broadcasting and Television Station Guangdong Sharp Sense Media Co. Ltd.

Country: P.R. Of CHINA


Discipline: Paralimpic cycling

Year: 2015

Director: Wang Min

Editing: Post-production: Lu Jiaqiang, Zhang Wenjun, Tang Jun

Actors: Liang Guihua

Photo: Han Yuwen, Zheng Daqian,etc.

Voice Off: Wu Jiang

Producer: Song Zhang

CoProducer: Zhao Xiaowen

Time: 25 min


Liang Guihuang is a one-leg cyclist who, in 2012, won the London Paralympic Games. The documentary follows the Chinese athlete’s training for the 2014 National Games for the Disabled, the 2014 World Track Cycling Championship and the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Paralympic Games focusing on the psychological his states before, during and after the competition. All that is enriched by the relationships with his family members and teammates. The aim is to let know the Disabled Cycling Team of Guangdong, a group of lovely and dedicated athletes.