25 Ott 2017

Company: Mediacreative

Country: ITALY

Section: MOVIES

Discipline: Swimming

Year: 2016

Director: Donatella Cervi

Editing: William Angiuli

Actors: Paola Onofri, Gian Marco Tavani, William Angiuli, Cristiana Banchetti

Photo: Stefania Moretti, Underwater Lorenzo Venturini.

Soundtrack: Roberto Zimmermann, Linda Spandri

Voice Off: Gian Marco Tavani

Producer: Mediacreative

Time: 95 min



When swimming becomes an epic challenge and a social commitment. It is the extraordinary story of Leo Callone, Italian athlete able to go around the world twice holding the record of crossing the English Channel  for more than 25 years. He challenged Loch Ness swimming from Como to Colico, from Asinara to Porto Torres and more. This is the story of a great swimmer and his land and how a great sport can become solidarity in order do built an hospital in Guatemala dedicated to a son died after 5 years fighting against a illness still without therapy.