28 October - 2 November 2010

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Il Prof. Franco Ascani, Membro della Commissione Cultura ed Educazione Olimpica del Comitato Internazionale Olimpico e Presidente della FICTS (Federation Internationale Cinema television Sportifs), con il Consiglio di Amministrazione ed i rappresentanti dei 113 Paesi affiliati, rendono l’ultimo saluto al Cav. Michele Ferrero, inserito nella "Hall of Fame" della FICTS nel 2014.

Il Presidente FICTS Prof. Franco Ascani con l'A.D. di Ferrero S.p.A. Dott. Luigi Lugli

La "Excellence Guirlande d'Honneur", la prestigiosa benemerenza FICTS, è stata consegnata al Dott. Luigi Lugli, A.D. di Ferrero S.p.A. nella "Cerimonia di Apertura" di “Sport Movies & Tv 2014”.

Nell’occasione il Cav. Ferrero ha fatto pervenire il messaggio che pubblichiamo di seguito.


World FICTS Challenge 2015

FICTS promotes and organizes every year freely, the Worldwide Championship of Sport, Cinema and Television “WORLD FICTS CHALLENGE” programmed in 16 Festival in  five Continents. Winning works of each Phases (maximum 15 / minimum 10 productions - see Art. 7 of the present Rules) will be automatically admitted to the Final Phase. The proposal of candidature must be send by and no later than November 15th 2015.

The FICTS Board of Trustees - within December 5th of every year - will analyze and approve proposals candidatures to “WORLD FICTS CHALLENGE” for the following  year that will be carry on in the respect of FICTS Statute and Olympic Charter one. All the Phases will be held not later than August (different dates can be approved one by one by FICTS Board of Trustees only for specific reasons). “World FICTS Challenge” is the main presentation where FICTS is used for the promotion and spread of Olympic values and sport culture, a competition for movies and television productions from 5 Continents, scheduled in 16 phases including Worldwide Final. Through the “World FICTS Challenge”, Federation promotes all around the world, the quality of sports images and cooperation of those who work creatively in sports broadcasters and sport cinema. FICTS supports producers and directors in authorization process of charges for the use of Olympic heritage through its collaboration with Olympic Television Archive Bureau (OTAB), which included an agreement for the rights deployment and protection about the Olympic footages. FICTS provides Local Organizing Committees, beyond 37 video productions and 5 exhibitions, a strong promotional activities on the launch and promotion (emails sent directly to producers, directors, Olympic Committees, sport Federations with a mailing list of 62.000 contacts), possibility to consult the videos archives, advice and assistance to the organization, facilitation contacts with movie production’s houses. One of “World FICTS Challenge” objectives is to create accessible events including as many people as possible in the hosting Country, therefore all events are free of charge. While the hosting city or selected agencies themselves are organizing local events, FICTS assumes the overall project management  responsibility and coordination of the whole project “World FICTS Challenge” as well as the Final Phase, widely covered by international media.

Each of the “World FICTS Challenge” Festival  promotes an action similar to International Olympic Committee strategy in order to keep the interest in world sport companies, encouraging them to practice physical activity and Olympism. The event is characterized by high sport and organization quality as well as a wide international participation (journalists, professionals and industry experts, sports champions), that produces a strong media, tourism and economic impact in the region, promoting the area's image abroad. “World FICTS Challenge” Festival are divided into Screenings , Meetings, Workshops , Exhibitions, Sides Events and Awards.

The events are a valuable promotion tools of educational values and training that sport expresses and qualified international spot for the hosting cities and their Countries through media, broadcasters, global networks, new media, productions companies, producers, directors, Olympic Committees and Sport Federations, sports champions, radios, advertising and communication agencies that illustrate the world of sport cinema and TV  through documentaries, spot, fiction, cartoons, etc. The high potential visibility is developed by communication actions joined with the event and characterized by the use of new technologies with Networks presence from all over the world such as protagonists of the event referred to by a large number of sport television channels, digital and analogical (selected among the 1.172 operating in 5 the Continents).

The Festivals of the “World FICTS Challenge 2015” are the following:

  • BERGAMO (Italy): 21 - 23 February
  • OAXACA (Mexico): 25 - 28 February
  • KATMANDU (Nepal): 27 - 28 February
  • BARCELONA (Spain): 5 - 9 May
  • RIO DE JANEIRO (Brazil): 21 - 26 May
  • HANOI (Vietnam): 2 - 5 July
  • BEIJING (China): 3 - 9 July
  • KAZAN (Russia): 5 - 10 August
  • BUENOS AIRES (Argentina): 27 - 31 August
  • SAMARA (Russia): 6 - 10 September
  • BRUSSELLS (Belgium): 14 - 17 September
  • TASHKENT (Uzbekistan): 18 - 21 September
  • LIPETSK (Russia): 23 - 26 September

  • LIBEREC (Czech Republic): 29 September - 1 October

  • MATERA (Italy): 2 - 4 October

  • KAMPALA (Uganda): 13 - 15 October
  • MILANO (Italy ): 27 - 31 October


The “Osservatorio Nazionale Bullismo e Doping ONBD (National Oversight committee anti bullying and doping)” and the Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs (FICTS) announce for the academic year 2015 the International Contest “SPORTMOVIES FOR CULTURES” in collaboration with the publishing house Armando Curcio Editore.

The International Competition "NO BULLING, NO DOPING" is aimed at creating an International Communication Campaign, at preventing and contrasting the phenomenon of bullying and the problem of doping.

Download the Announcement.



Milano (Italy) hosted – on 4, 5 and 6 December 2014 - on the occasion of “Sport Movies & Tv 2014 - Milano International FICTS Fest”, the meeting of the Bodies of three international Organizations: FISpT - Federation Internationale Sport pour Tous (founded in 1982 joined with 65 non Governmental Organizations – NGO of other Countries, chaired by Dr Isa Abdul Rahim from Bahrain), UESpT - Union Européenne Sport pour Tous (Continental Union of FISpT), FICTS - Federation Internationale Cinéma Télévision Sportifs (joined with 113 Countries, recognized by the International Olympic Committee) and UPKL - Union of Professionals Ki Life aisbl (Institution based in Brussels, whose Secretary General is Dr Corrado Genova).

The Project “One week, All sports”, prepared by the Executive of UESpT (Prof. Franco Ascani President, Joanna Moraiti (Greece) and Teresa Ramilo (Portugal) V. Presidents, George Pigos (Greece) Secretary General and Marina Ivanovic (Serbia) Treasurer), attended to the works, has been endorsed by the Board of Directors of FISpT who had attended by representatives of 24 Countries on 5 Continents: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Burundi, Cameroon, Cyprus, Egypt, UAE, Greece, Italy, Kuwait, Libya Malaysia, Morocco, Mauritius, Oman, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Serbia, Sudan, Tunisia, Turkey, United States. The Executive Project has been defined in recent days in Athens by FICTS President Prof. Franco Ascani. During the work was discussed and approved the program 2015 of UESpT that includes a wide range of activities and plot the lines for the next four years.

There were discussed different issues, such as: the strengthening of the recreational sport and of the wealthy through free activities; the promotion of the sport values, the development of the cultural activities and of the educational sport programmes for the International Federations associated with the stakeholders; the creation of strategic partnership with the affiliated Associations, the IOC, the Olympic Committees, the Companies of the sport field, etc; the search of creative solution in the framework of the communication of the “Sport for All”, the strengthening of the continental structures; the strengthening of dialogue with the European Commission and the creation of an Observatory on sports and social policies, culture through sport, solidarity and social inclusion as a reference point for athletes, managers, journalists, volunteers, etc. There were defined the synergistic actions that have the purpose of carrying out actions aimed to promote the “Sport for All” and the values of the sports image. These are the main contents of the Memorandum of Understanding with the FICTS that will develop an effective action of “Sport for All” this year.

The first appointment is scheduled in the last week of April in Athens that will host the “Marathon for All” planned by the Ministry of Sports and Education of Greece, for children and adults (2000 m) which will added competition of other sport disciplines such as cycling, basketball and handball.

In Milano will be scheduled, in the same day, the “Trophies of Milano 2015 - 5 Circles for Exsport”, interscholastic sports activities and training for young people of Primary and Secondary Schools of the Province of Milano, Lodi and Monza (with free submissions) which includes part of the week of the Final between 41,000 students from 300 schools in the Arena Brera in Milano. On April 30 will be organized the Marcia uncompetitive “Tomorrow starts EXPO” to which - in addition to schools, students, families, as many countries will join the 30 organizations that, in the spirit of the more concrete integration, will give life to “Expo of peoples, cultures and solidarity. "

The “week” is inserted in the Project “Exsport - Sports, Culture, Tourism for all" which includes - among other things - the creation of 340 events in the first half of EXPO 2015 (May 1 - October 31) with the involvement of 53 organizations (including 18 municipalities) in the name of the search for “new lifestyles”, valuable tool to disseminate the educational values and educational-cultural sport to turn into reality the “energy for Life” which is one of the fundamental themes of EXPO.

The UESpT also works for the promotion of “Sport for All”, with UPKL - Union of Professionals Ki Life aisbl. The cooperation between the two institutions the two institutions aims at the realization of the training program of the figure of European/International Social Sports Educator whom dynamic role sees him constantly adapt to changes to which the international system is subject (social, economic, political, etc.).



Alla luce della Legge di Stabilità, che prevede per il 2015 un forte incremento della tassazione sulle Fondazioni di origine bancaria, esprimiamo il totale disappunto per una scelta che rischierebbe di penalizzare ulteriormente soggetti che nel corso degli anni hanno sostenuto l'attività sportiva e sociale su tutto il territorio lombardo, come la Fondazione Cariplo.

La FICTS (Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs), Federazione Internazionale riconosciuta dal CIO – Comitato Internazionale Olimpico, denuncia una simile e insostenibile situazione che interromperebbe quella proficua azione di filantropia che ha caratterizzato la Fondazione Cariplo in questi ultimi 20 anni sul territorio milanese e lombardo ed invita ad aderire alla campagna #MENOTASSEPIUEROGAZIONI, in grande crescita sui social network (come testimoniato dalla pagina facebook: https://www.facebook.com/menotassepiuerogazioni).

La FICTS si schiera al fianco di Fondazione Cariplo appoggiando iniziative di soggetti che svolgono attività sportiva per i giovani, per il welfare di comunità e per il benessere. A nome della Federazione che presiedo invito tutti gli operatori del settore dello sport e della cultura che rappresento  ad aderire via twitter alla campagna (https://twitter.com/search?f=realtime&q=menotassepiuerogazioni&src=typd) in sostegno delle Fondazioni.

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