28 October - 2 November 2010

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FICTS Festival


Beijing (P.R. of China) will host, from 13 to 19 July - the “Beijing International FICTS Festival” organized by the BODA - Beijing Olympic City Development Association in collaboration with the FICTS as part of the “11th Beijing International Sports film Week” which aims to promote the development of sports movies and the Olympic ideals as well as to transmit the Olympic legacy and to promote Beijing of the bid for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. Info on http://www.sportsfilm.org/.

On July 15 will be held the Forum “How to develop China’s sports movie subjects in innovation” co-organized with Beijing Xiaobang’s Hope Culture Media Co., Ltd. During the Festival will be officially presented the International Forum “New Sport Movies and television market trends”, a stepping stone let alone a showcase for the International Forum that Beijing will host in 2016 in one location leading international sports media: Federations, Organizations, Clubs, Brand, Sponsor, Network, New Media Producers and Providers service. In the 11th Beijing International Sports Film Week, total of 42 films from over different Countries were selected for such 5 sections: “Rendezvous upon Ice & Snow”, “Outdoor Extremes”, “Global Sports”, “Sports Stories” and “China Power”.

Ever since it was founded, Beijing International Sports Film Week (hereinafter referred to as “BJISFW”) has been repositioned, especially after the 2008 Olympics, to strengthen cooperation with domestic and international agencies, positively devote itself to the creation and prosperity of the Chinese sports film culture, promote international exchanges and popularization on excellent sports film & TV programs and forge sports film & TV brand campaigns with international profile and authority. The last decade has seen it gradually became an event with certain reputation and authority. 2015 marks the beginning of another ten-year development period, during the event will carry on its objective of Inheriting the Olympics and Promoting Development, focus on and offer support for Beijing’s bid for the Olympic Winter Games, expand event contents and innovate its operating mode.

To promote Beijing of the bid for the Winter Olympic Games, the 11th Beijing International Sports Film Week will be held at China Millennium Monument from July 13th to 19th, 2015, before the announcement of the voting result of the 2022 Winter Games. Six major theme activities will be held including works’ collection and selection for Sport Movies &TV Milan International FICTS Festival World Finals, screenings of sports movies & TV, Sports movies & TV forum or salon, sports culture exhibition and demonstration, square games, press conference and opening & closing ceremonies, which will highlight the special topic of winter sports events on the basis of the bidding slogan “Joyful Rendezvous upon Pure Ice & Snow”.
The collection and selection of the Sports Film Week was officially launched in April 2015 extensively collected film & TV works of sports themes. By July, total of 80 domestic and international works are in this regard registered for the selection. Compared to past events, the 11th Sports Film Week has specially assigned the Students’ Section to extensively collect works of students from various colleges and universities. We have received tens of works of students from Peking University, Beijing Sports University, Shanghai University of Sport, the Central Academy of Drama, etc., thus it fully demonstrates the film creativities from university students. At the same time, there is an apparently increased proportion of works concerning winters sports, including the Little Ice Hockey Prince, the first domestic film on the ice hockey; additionally, some novel and lively micro-video works independently produced by a large number of skiers. Besides, films are regarding extreme outdoor sports including Himalayan Ladder and Pilgrimage were also raised in both quantity and quality. Some foreign film & TV works also participated in the collection and selection of the Beijing International Sports Film Week, such as Dojo and documentary series by XTremeVideo. Excellent works from them will be not only awarded with Honor Certificates and prize, but also sent to the 33rd Sport Movies &TV Milan International FICTS Festival.

In the 11th Beijing International Sports Film Week, total of 42 films from over ten countries were selected for such 5 major sections as “Rendezvous upon Ice & Snow”, “Outdoor Extremes”, “Global Sports”, “Sports Stories” and “China Power”. The “Rendezvous upon Ice & Snow” section is that aimed at supporting the Beijing for its bidding for the Winter Olympic Games has brought forward the charm of the winter sports to Beijing before their extensive lovers in advance; “Outdoor Extremes” carefully selected the records of ultimate challenges from the world, including romantic summiting journey of songstresses, survival challenge on the harsh Antarctic ice and drifting in the rain forests of South America and the Himalaya valleys that fully present the exquisite natural sceneries; in “Global Sports”, you’re offered 8 documentary films revealing moving stories between sports and humanity, history, culture and nation; the “Sport Stories” section is composed of a thought-provoking football tragedy, a joyful Russian comedy and a series of quality sports micro-films perfectly fit for teen-agers; in “China Power”, the latest excellent domestic sports film works are presented, most of which have their debuts on the stage of the Sports Film Week.
Besides the collection, selection and screening, abundant activities including forum, salon and production team appearances will also be offered in the Sports Film Week. The Special Topic Forum “How to develop China’s sports movie subjects in innovation” co-organized with Beijing XIAOBANG’s Hope Culture Media Co., Ltd. will probe into the creation approaches to Chinese sports movies; sports culture industry investment forum will discuss the future track of Chinese sports culture industry; other topics include the Rise of German Football in Two Decades, Sharing Session of Chen Binpeng’s Challenge of “100 Marathons in 100 Days”, How Sports Change Your Life and Mine and Stories about Skiing will be presented brilliantly, which attract senior sports professionals, famous athletes and world champions to the site. What’s more, Production Team Appearances of the 5 movies – Little Ice Hockey Prince, Ladder to paradise, Youth Chess King, Orange Drama and 40000 Kilometers – will take place during which directors, actors and actresses will meet and interact with the audience.

During the event, a unique and refreshing square sports meeting will be held at the China Millennium Monument, including floorball, Fancy basketball, cage football and trampoline experience. In every evening, the open cinema will be available for the public. Exhibitions are covering a wide range of topics and varieties including the Winter Olympics picture show themed as “the Unceasing Passion”, special picture show of “The Memory of Ice & Snow in the Late Qing Dynasty and the Republican Period”, the picture of “Chen Binpeng’s Hundred Marathons in Hundred Days”, the Zhangjiakou Weixian County Folk Paper-cut Show themed as “Cutting-out for Ice & Snow and Expecting the Winter Games”, winter games instruments show, Idoing GYM exhibition and Outdoor Classes for Youth will be held at the Digital Art Museum of the China Millennium Monument.

On July 13th, the opening ceremony for the Beijing International Sports Film Week will be held on the north square of the China Millennium Monument, followed by a night ice & snow running themed as Supporting Winter Games and Releasing Passion on Ice & Snow. The closing ceremony will be held in the Digital Art Museum of the China Millennium Monument on July 19, during which the winning entries list will be announced and different performances on the Winter Olympics bidding song will be presented to support the bidding efforts for the 2022 Winter Games.



La FICTS - Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs riconosciuta dal Comitato Internazionale Olimpico, per il quale promuove i valori dello sport attraverso le immagini nelle 113 Nazioni, sarà ospite all’Esposizione Universale EXPO Milano 2015.

Lunedì 13 luglio, alle ore 19.30, presso la “Casa” del “Corriere della Sera” (unico giornale con un padiglione a Expo 2015), il Presidente Prof. Franco Ascani, Membro della Commissione “Cultura ed Patrimonio Olimpico” del CIO, presenterà, insieme a Fabrizio Sala Assessore all’EXPO di Regione Lombardia, EXSPORT MOVIES & TV 2015 - 33rd MILANO INTERNATIONAL FICTS FEST” edizione speciale per EXPO 2015 che patrocina il tradizionale evento mondiale. Moderatore sarà il giornalista Alessandro Cannavò, figlio dello storico Direttore della “Gazzetta dello Sport”.

L'“Albero della Vita” simbolo del Padiglione Italia a EXPO 2015

Il Festival avrà luogo a Milano (Italia), dal 27 Ottobre al 1 Novembre, nell’ambito del “World FICTS Challenge 2015” Circuito Internazionale della Televisione, del Cinema, della Comunicazione e della Cultura Sportiva articolato in 16 Fasi che si svolgono nei 5 Continenti.

L’ingresso (al costo di 5 € a partire dalle ore 19), per coloro che fossero interessati a partecipare, sarà una proficua occasione per visitare, fino alle ore 23, l’Esposizione Universale EXPO 2015 (con una media presenze giornaliere di circa 90.000 persone) che vede protagonisti 137 Paesi partecipanti da tutto il mondo invitati ad interpretare il tema “Nutrire il Pianeta, Energia per la Vita”.

Il programma degli eventi previsti per la giornata del 13 luglio a EXPO è disponibile al seguente link http://visit.expo2015.org/it/eventi?arrivalDate=13/07/2015&departureDate=13/07/2015.

L’interno della “Casa” del “Corriere della Sera” a EXPO Milano 2015

Nel corso della presentazione saranno proiettate immagini inedite dei Giochi Olimpici di tutti i tempi (restaurate dal Comitato Internazionale Olimpico) nonché alcuni video in concorso a “Exsport Movies & Tv 2015”. Sedi del Festival: il seicentesco “Palazzo Cusani” (Via Brera, 15 - Milano) attualmente sede di rappresentanza della NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) a Milano che sarà il “Core Business”, con 100 Proiezioni, 4 Meeting, 2 Workshop, 4 Mostre, 5 Eventi collegati, 30 Premiazioni di ospiti internazionali e l’Auditorium Testori del Palazzo della Regione Lombardia (Piazza Città della Lombardia – Milano) che ospiterà la “Cerimonia di Premiazione” (1 Novembre) con l’assegnazione della “Guirlande d’Honneur ovvero l’“Oscar del Cinema e della Tv sportiva alle migliori produzioni del Festival nelle 7 Sezioni competitive nonché ai personaggi dello Sport, della Tv, del Cinema e del Giornalismo che “hanno svolto una significativa azione attraverso la promozione dell’immagine sportiva e dei valori culturali ed etici dello sport” che entreranno a far parte della “FICTS Hall of Fame”.

Exsport Movies & Tv 2015, che si colloca nell’ambito di “EXSPORT: Sport, Culture, Tourism for all”, una “piattaforma” di attività culturali, formative e sportive, diventerà un luogo di incontro privilegiato per 5000/6000 operatori ed esperti del settore provenienti da tutto il mondo tra autori, media, Network mondiali (con i rappresentanti dei 1.172 canali televisivi sportivi dei 5 Continenti), radio, case di produzione, major, produttori, registi, Comitati Olimpici e Federazioni sportive, agenzie pubblicitarie e di comunicazione che illustreranno l’universo della televisione e del cinema sportivo attraverso documentari, spot, reportage, fiction, cartoon, etc. in una delle 7 le Sezioni competitive.

Per ricevere l’Invito personale e/o gli Accrediti Stampa e Vip per il Festival di Ottobre (per partecipare alle Proiezioni, ai Workshop, alle Conferenze, agli Incontri in programma) compilare il modulo disponibile al link www.fictsfederation.it/registrationform.doc.



Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina will host, for the first time from 27 to 31 August 2015, the “Buenos Aires International FICTS Festival” (www.buenosairesfictsfestival.org) organized - in the framework of the “World FICTS Challenge 2015” by Libelula Tv Films Srl chaired by Alejandro Panno in collaboration with the FICTS and with the Olympic Committee of Argentina. Buenos Aires will host, from 11 to 23 September 2018, the III Summer Youth Olympic Games.

The “Honorary Committee” will consist of: Prof. Franco Ascani FICTS President, Alicia De Morea, Member of the IOC Commission of “Culture and Olympic Heritage”, V. President of the Argentine Olympic Committee that is working actively in the organization of the Festival and Anna Tarrés Campa coach and the chief executive of the National Spanish synchronized swimming, Juan Bautista Segonds creator and President of the Fundación “Rugby sin Fronteras”.

The event, declared of “Cultural interest” for the Autonomy City of Buenos Aires, will be held in prestigious seats. The “Opening Ceremony” of the Festival will take place on August 27 at the former Museum of Telecommunications in Buenos Aires while the “core business” of the event, with Projections, Meetings, Exhibitions, Side Events, Workshops and Awards, will be the ex Cine El Plata. Registrations are opened till July 20.

The official Rules is available http://media.wix.com/ugd/f61c05_1752e34d66f84b939218749a1329650f.pdf




Dopo Cannes 2014Milano Film Festival 2014, il film collettivo “I ponti di Sarajevo” arriva in sala il 25 giugno, distribuito da MILANO FILM NETWORK.

“I ponti di Sarajevo” è un film a episodi realizzato sotto la direzione artistica del giornalista, critico e storico del cinema Jean-Michel Frodon. Tredici tra i più significativi autori europei contemporanei, tra i quali Aida BegicJean-Luc GodardLeonardo di Costanzo, offrono la propria visione della città diSarajevo.
In occasione del centenario della Grande Guerra, gli autori esplorano il ruolo che la città ha avuto nel conflitto, ciò che ha rappresentato negli ultimi cento anni e ciò che rappresenta oggi. 

Prossime proiezioni:

25 giugno alle 21:00 - Apollo di Milano 
dal 25 giugno al Postmodernissimo di Perugia
26 giugno alle 20:45 -  Cinema Pellico di Saronno
2 luglio alle 21:00 - Cinema Alcazar di Roma - Proiezione alla presenza del regista Vincenzo Marra
Il film sarà in tenitura all'Alcazar dal 2 luglio

Alle proiezioni del 25 giugno di Milano e Saronno sarà presente il regista Leonardo di Costanzo, autore di uno dei corti che compongono “I ponti di Sarajevo”.



Kazan (Rep. of Tatarstan - Russia) will be, for one week from 5 to 10 August 2015, the “Worldwide Capital” of Cinema, Television and Cinema with the “Kazan Worldwide Final of World FICTS Challenge 2015” for the first time in Russia. Kazan will host the Final of 16 Festivals of the “World FICTS Challenge”, Worldwide Championship of Cinema and Sport Television in conjunction with FINA World Swimming Championships that the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan will host after the Universiade 2013, the Fencing World Championship 2014. “Kazan Worldwide Final of World FICTS Challenge 2015” is organized by the Ministry of Sport and Youth of the Republic of Tatarstan in collaboration and under the aegis of FICTS - Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs (recognized by the International Olympic Committee) that promotes the sports values through the images in 113 Countries in the 5 Continents.

Kazan (Rep. Tatarstan - Russia). Official presentation of “Worldwide Final of World FICTS Challenge 2015”
From left: Khalil Shaykhutdinov First Deputy Minister of Sport and Youth,Dr Diana Safarova General Manager
of FICTS World Final and Prof. Franco Ascani President of Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs

The suggestive location of Sviyazhsk Island, located at the confluence of the Volga and Sviyaga Rivers, will be the scenario of the “Opening Ceremony” of the Festival where will be attend the President of Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov. The “3D Port” Cinema will be the “Core Business” of the Festival articulated in 100 Projections (40 sport disciplines coming from 31 Countries), 4 Meetings, 4 Exhibitions at the “Port 3D Cinema” and at FINA Park, 5 Side Events, 3 Workshops and Awards of prestigious international guests of television, sports and cinema.The event will involved world networks, production companies, sports champions, industry experts.

FICTS President Prof. Franco Ascani and President of Rep. of Tatarstan Dr Rustam Minnikhanov

The “Awarding ceremony” will be held in “Kazan Riviera Hermitage”. Besides the Institutional Russian Authorities among the prestigious guests that will attend: Prof. Franco Ascani FICTS President and Member of IOC Commission for “Culture and Olympic Heritage”, Diana Safarova General Manager of the FICTS Worldwide Final, Francesco Ricci Bitti President of the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations and the International Tennis Federation, Ching-Kuo Wu IOC EB Member, V. President of the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations, President of International Boxing Association (AIBA), Yvan De Navacelle De Coubertin International Pierre de Coubertin Committee President, Shamil Тarpischev IOC Member, Russian Tennis Federation President, Alexander Zhukov President of the Russian Olympic Committee and IOC Member, Jiang Xiaoyu V. Chairman of BODA - Beijing Olympic City Development Association, Jeno Kamuti International Fair Play Committee President,  Alicia Massoni De Morea V. President Argentine Olympic Committee and Member of IOC Commission for “Culture and Olympic Heritage”, Donna De Varona Member of “Women and Sport” IOC Commission and American former competition swimmer, Olympic gold medalist (Tokyo 1964), former world record-holder and television sportscaster, Seyed Amir Hosseini President I.R. IRAN Chess Federation and Member of Board of NOC I.R. IRAN Museum.

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