28 October - 2 November 2010

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FICTS Festival


Bruxelles (Belgio) ospiterà - dal 14 al 17 settembre - la prima edizione del “Brussels European FICTS Sports Film Festival” tappa europea del “World FICTS Challenge 2015” Campionato Mondiale del Cinema e della Televisione Sportiva. L’evento, diretto da Jean-Pierre Brouhon, è organizzato dal Panathlon Wallonie-Bruxelles (presieduto da Philippe Housiaux) in collaborazione con la FICTS.

La sede dell’evento sarà il “Village Culturel Wolubilis”, nuovo centro culturale del comune di Woluwe-Saint-Lambert che comprende, tra gli altri, un teatro moderno (486 posti a sedere), una biblioteca ed un galleria d’arte. Il Festival si articolerà in Proiezioni, Meeting, Mostre, Eventi collegati, Workshop e Premiazioni. Le Sezioni competitive saranno: “Giochi Olimpici e Spirito Olimpico”, “Documentari”, “TV Show – New technology”, “Sport e Società”, “Movies”, “Sport Adverts”, “Movies & Tv Football” e “Spirito di Squadra”. Sarà allestita una Mostra fotografica “The Spirit of Sport”: una selezione di fotografie (dall’archivio del CIO e della Reporters Agency) suddivise in 5 temi (rispetto, fratellanza, emozione, impegno e partecipazione).



Brussels (Belgium) will host – from September 14 to 17 - the first edition of “Brussels European FICTS Sports Film Festival” European phase of the “World FICTS Challenge 2015” Worldwide Championship of Cinema and Sport Television. The event, directed by Jean-Pierre Brouhon, is organized by Panathlon Wallonie-Bruxelles (chaired by Philippe Housiaux) in collaboration with FICTS.

The venue will be the “Village Culturel Wolubilis” new cultural center of the municipality of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, which includes, among others, a modern theater (486 seats), a library and an art gallery. The Festival will consist of Projections, Meetings, Exhibitions, Side Events, Workshops and Awards. Sections will be competitive: “Olympic Games and Olympic Spirit”, “Documentary”, “TV Show - New technology”, “Sport and Society”, “Movies”, “Sport Adverts”, “Movies & Tv Football” and “Spirit of team”. There will be a photographic Exhibition “The Spirit of Sport”: a selection of photographs (from the archive of the IOC and the Reporters Agency) divided into five themes (respect, brotherhood, emotion, engagement and participation).

The aims of “Brussels European FICTS Sports Film Festival” is sport’s greatness and values conveyed through the image Athletes who help each other, supporters who unite, raw emotions and fine gestures that give sport its tremendous cachet. The event will place the spotlight firmly on the power of the image in the international sporting world.

The official Rules is available on: www.fictsfederation.it/brusselssport fictsfestival_rules.pdf.

The Entry Form:  www.fictsfederation.it/brusselssport fictsfestival_entry_form.pdf.

The “Brussels European FICTS Sports Film Festival” will focus on 3 key themes from today’s sporting world:

  • Women’s sport” – the role of women in the world of sport and media coverage of women’s sport;
  • Sport for all” – the issue of access to active participation in sport everywhere and in all circumstances; the creation of new sports and of new places to take part in sport;
  • The close links between sport and the world of the image” – technology working for the development and promotion of sport and of refereeing.



Xavier Amador, Esports Internacionals Relationships director and Franco Ascani, President of the FICTS, were the persons who gave the Àmfora Ciutat de Barcelona to the best film in the 6th edition of the BCN Sports Film Festival to ‘VALLEY UPRISING’, a documentary by Nick Rosen and Peter Mortimer. A production by Zachary Barr. The greatest untold story of American counter-culture is that of the Yosemite Valley rock climbers. For fifty years, Yosemite’s massive cliffs have drawn explorers and madmen to leave materialism behind and venture into the high, lonesome granite.

The special award of the jury – composed by Albert Font, Áreadaptada’s director; João Garção Borges, Director; Ferran Martínez, athlete; Bibiana Schönhöfer, actress and Mª Encarnació Soler, membre of CINEMA-RESCAT – was for the movie BAGHDAD MESSI (Belgium, 2013) of Sahim Omar Kalifa. A production of Hendrik Verthé.

Collects the award Paul Van Den Broeck, member of Belgium Consulate.

Award for best production of Catalonia

"GLANCE UP" (Catalonia, 2014) of Enric Ribes Reig and Oriol Martínez Domíngue. A production by Oriol Gispert Lafuente

Isabel Bosch, membre of TV3 gave the award to Oriol Gispert, Enric Ribes, Oriol Martinez and Joan Pahisa.

Award for best documentary production

HUBERT LE BLONEN AZKEN HEGALDIA (Basque Country, 2014) by Koldo Almandoz. A production by Marian Fernández Pascal (Txintxua Films).

Barbara Destefanis, gave the award to Jon Herraz

Award for best fiction film

SATURDAY (United Kingdom, 2015) by Mike Forshaw. A production by Jessica Levick.

Rosa Salguero, Torrebarrina’s coordinator manager gaves de award to Esther Calatayud, responsible of sales of DSI by Inverleigh..

Award for best short film – TARRAGONA 2017

I LOVE HOOLIGANS (Netherlands and Belgium, 2013) by Jan-Dirk Bouw. A production by Eric Goossens, Anton Roebben, Marc Thelosen and Koert Davidse.

Ramón Pallejá, Tarragona 2017’s member gave the award to Mikkel Keldorf

Award for best animated film

BEACH FLAGS (France, 2014) by Sarah Saidan.A production by Ron Dyens.

Heloïse Martín, member of the French institute of Barcelona gave the award to Bibiana Schönhöfer, actress.

Award for best film of adventure sports – ÁLVARO BULTÓ

DRAWN (United States, 2014) by Jeremy Collins. A production by Ron James Q. Martin.

Xavier Amador and Patricio Bultó gave the award to Mónica Ahanonu.

Award for the best film about Solidarity and Sport

MOET JE HOREN! HEAR THIS (Netherlands, 2013) by Soulaima El Khaldi.

A production by Jo Lamers

Juli Pernas gave the award to Merja Ritola

Award for the best journalist film

STILL RUNNING (South Africa, 2014) by Wayne de Lange. A production by Ariane Questiaux.

Aarne Norberg, director de Cyclisten gave the award.

Award for the Best Sport Advertising:

AFTERGLOW (United States and Canada, 2014) by Nick Waggoner and Mike Brown. A production by Zac Ramras and Mike Brown.

Ferrán Martín, athete, gave the award to Franco Ascani, FICTS’ president

Award FILMETS Badalona Film Festival for human values ​​and Sports

BEACH FLAGS (France, 2014) by Sarah Saidan. A production by Ron Dyens

Agustí Argelich gave the award to Azahara Moyano, actress.

Jordi Robirosa was the emcee of this 6th edition.



The documentary “MESSI” of Álex de la Iglesia, is the opening film of 6˚ edition of CINEfoot – International Football Film Festival on 21 May at 20.30, at the Cinema of Itaú space, Botafogo Beach.

The documentary film has adapted a script signed by the former Real Madrid sporting director Jorge Valdano, using images exclusive depicting four times the "Golden Ball" as a child "born imperfect" has become one of the best footballers of all time. De La Iglesia began filming the documentary in Rosario (birthplace of Messi), then head to Buenos Aires and Barcelona. The Spanish director has visited the district “La Bajada" where is the house of the family where the player Messi has lived his childhood and he studied primary school where before traveling to Barcelona and start playing.

CINEfoot – International Football Film Festival(www.cinefoot.org) is the film festival whose main theme is “Football” under the motto “Playing the beautiful game”. The Festival - directed by Antonio Leal - is organized in the framework of the Championship of Cinema and Sport Television “World FICTS Challenge” by Conexao Culturale and Instituto Brasileiro de Estudos de Festivais Audiovisuais (IBEFEST). CINEfoot’s 6th edition will take place from 21 to 26 May in Rio de Janeiro at Arteplex Cinema, from 28 May to 2 June in Sao Paulo at Football Museum and from 29 May to 3 June in Belo Horizonte at Arteplex Cinema. The Festival’s agenda includes international competitive screenings, special exhibitions, discussions, workshops, video contests, tributes etc. CINEfoot is the first and only film festival in Brazil and Latin America to promote and screen football films.



Maite Fandos Deputy Mayor for Quality of Life, Equality and Sport and President of Barcelona Olympic Foundation has officially opened at Auditorium of “Museu Olímpic i de l’Esport Joan Antoni Samaranch” located at the heart of the Parc de Montjuïca in Barcelona (Spain) the six edition of “BCN Sports Film 2015 - Barcelona International FICTS Festival” organized – in the framework of the “World FICTS Challenge” Worldwide Championship of Cinema, Sport and Television - by the Fundacio Olympic Barcelona in collaboration with Nikita Distribution, sponsored by El Corte Inglés and with support of FICTS - Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs.

From left: Juli Pernas, David Moner Codina, Carme Romeu Pecci, Maite Fandos

The Festival will be held in prestigious venues. At the “Awarding Ceremony” (May 9) will attend the FICTS’ President Prof. Franco Ascani.

The Corte Inglés, one of the Festival’s leading patrons, will be the seat of screening a series of especially selected competing films at the Sala Àmbit Cultural. Torre Barrina is a centre for audiovisual resources, laboratory for audiovisual projects and Hospitalet Municipal Centre for Multimedia Creation. The other venue is the “French Institute”, located close to the centre of Barcelona, is now part of the architectural patrimony of the city. Amongst the amenities are a multimedia library, an art gallery and an auditorium with seating for 330.

The Sala d’exposicions temporal of Museu Olímpic i de l’Esport Joan Antoni Samaranch (directed by Dr Juli Pernas Lopez) will host the Exhibition “Summits of my life”, a window on the world of Kilian Jornet six-time winner of the “Skyrunner World Series”, three-time champion of the grueling Ultra-Trial du Montblanc and several times winner of the World Mountain-Skiing Championships.

The Auditorium of Museu Olímpic i de l’Esport Joan Antoni Samaranch will be the seat – on May 7th (at 7.15 p.m.) – of the celebration of the 21st anniversary of “Teledeporte”, the sports programme of TVE Televisión Española (the national state-owned public-service television broadcaster in Spain) that saw the light of day in 1994 broadcasting the Lillehammer Olympics. Following the commemorative event for the first century of the Catalan Athletics Federation with a special session with some of the best shorts from the official section in which athletics will be the unrivalled king of the track.

The Organizing Committee has received more than 400 videos coming from 40 Countries among which: Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Ireland, Island, Italia, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, Thailand, U.K., USA. The Jury, composed by Albert Font (President of the Àreadaptada Association), João Garção Borges (producer, scriptwriter, critic and cinema and television programmer), Ferran Martinez (former Olympic basketball player and V. President of Barcelona Panathlon International), Bibiana Schönhöfer (artistic director of MÈDIT, the Menorcan Festival of Mediterranean Cinema”) and M. Encarnació Soler (President of Cinema-Rescat), will choose the winners of the “6th BCN Sports Film - Barcelona International FICTS Festival” that will compete in the “Worldwide Final of World FICTS Challenge 2015” in Kazan (Rep. of Tatarstan – Russia, 5 – 10 August) and in “Exsport Movies & Tv 2015” in Milano (Italy, 27 – 31 October).

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