28 October - 2 November 2010

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FICTS Festival


Milano (Italy) will host 27 to 31 October 2015, the General Elective Assembly of FICTS (Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs), recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). During the Assembly will be discussed and approved the lines of implementation of the “Manifest of Sport Culture” of the next four-year Olympic period elaborated by the four International FICTS Commissions (International Festivals, Market Right Television and Movies, Marketing and Communications, Youth, Education and Culture) that will be enriched with new operational proposals from members of the 113 affiliated Countries to the Federation. FICTS, chaired by Prof. Franco Ascani Member of the IOC Commission for Culture and Olympic Education, operating since 1983 to spread the message of culture and education of the sport, “global movement at the humanity’s service” based on universality, tolerance, ethics, respect, peace, discipline and fair play.

The guidelines for the drafting of the “Manifest of Sport Culture” can be summarized as follow.

FICTS, which makes use of its thirty-year experience in the organization of annual events with the same characteristics in different Countries of the world, promotes and increases the development of the Olympic values ​​and the sports culture through the effective use of the power of the sports image. The main presentation means that FICTS used for that promotion is the “World FICTS Challenge” Worldwide Championship of Cinema and Sport Television, a competition for movies and television productions coming from 5 Continents articulated in 16 annual Phases.

FICTS realizes programs through socio-educational multi-cultural and multi-language projects in order to spread and to disseminate the ideals and the Olympic and Paralympic values ​​in the daily life of the people. The projects, based on the use of images significant sporting and exciting to make the sport a unique communication tool, are inspired to education to the values ​​of sport for all, of loyalty, of respect and of healthy lifestyles.

FICTS promotes meetings and collaboration among those whom work creatively in the sports sector, through Festivals, Meetings, Conferences, Debates, Congresses and Events, including specific initiatives (School and Young, Universities, Formation, Research, Archive, Exhibition, Publications, etc.) with the real involvements of National Olympic Committees (NOCs), of other International Federations and of Organizations, Governments and Non Governmental Organizations and everyone whose main goal is to promote sports at all levels and worldwide.

FICTS, which serves as a meeting point for the 1.172 Television sport channels, work in partnership with the “Culture and Heritage” Department of the IOC, for the promotion, spread and use of cultural Olympic images of all-time and of the official movies (restored) of the Olympic Games with the aim of further promote the Olympic culture and its priceless values ​​through its stakeholders and through the 16 annual Festivals of “World FICTS Challenge”. FICTS works for the organization of a contest for audiovisual productions inspired by “the idea of ​​Olympism” in order to transmit values ​​education and training of the Olympic and Paralympic Movement through the use of footages, the web and social networks with the particularly involvement of young people in tune with the future “Olympic Television Channel” for the realization of which the FICTS has made available its know-how.

FICTS, in the context of today's globalization, considered fundamental issues of understanding and mutual respect of different civilizations, equal opportunities, cultural diversity, responsibility and social integration, the rights of persons with disabilities. FICTS believes that women are a fundamental element for a profitable development of culture and education. They are key figure in the social dynamics of contemporary society. FICTS encourages and sustains the role of women in sports, at all levels and in all structures, in the light of the principle of non-discrimination between men and women.



Buenos Aires (Argentina) will be the venue – from August 27 to 31 – of the first edition of “Buenos Aires International FICTS Festival” organized in the framework of the “World FICTS Challenge 2015” Worldwide Championship of Cinema and Sport Television.

The Festival is organized by Libelula Tv Films Srl chaired by Alejandro Panno in collaboration with the FICTS and the Olympic Committee of Argentina. The event, which will consist of Projections, Meetings, Exhibitions, Side Events, Workshops and Awards. Buenos Aires will host, from 11 to 23 September 2018, the III Summer Youth Olympic Games.



Kazan (Rep. of Tatarstan - Russia) will be, for one week from 5 to 10 August, the “Worldwide Capital” of Cinema, Television and Cinema with the “33rd Worldwide Final of World FICTS Challenge 2015” for the first time in Russia. Kazan will host the Worldwide Final of 16 Festivals (in 5 Continents with 113 Member Countries) of the “World FICTS Challenge”, Worldwide Championship of Cinema and Sport Television in conjunction with FINA World Swimming Championships that the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan will host after the Universiade 2013, the Fencing World Championship 2014 let alone future venue of the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018.

“Kazan Worldwide Final of World FICTS Challenge 2015 will be articulated - in addition to imposing Opening and Closing Ceremonies (on Sviyazhsk Island) – in 100 Projections, 4 Meetings, 4 Exhibitions at the “Port 3D Cinema”, 5 Side Events, 2 Workshops, the International Forum “Tv Sport Emotions” and Awards of prestigious international guests of television, sports and cinema. The event will involved world networks, production companies, sports champions, industry experts.

FICTS President Prof. Franco Ascani and V. Ministry of Sport Khalil Shaykhutdinov


Milano (Italy) will host, from 27th to 31st October 2015, on the occasion of the Universal Exposition EXPO 2015 (1 May  – 31 October), EXSPORT MOVIES & TV 2015 - 33rd MILANO INTERNATIONAL FICTS FEST, special edition of the traditional worldwide event at the end of the 16 Festivals (organized in the 5 Continents) of the “World FICTS Challenge 2015”. The event dedicated to Television, Cinema, Sport, Culture and Communication through FICTS is Culture through sport slogan is also held in the range of “EXSPORT: Sport, Culture, Tourism for all” a “platform” of cultural, educational and sports International viewpoint EXPO 2015.

“Exsport Movies & Tv” will be a privileged place of meeting for authors, media, broadcastings, worldwide Networks, houses of productions, majors, producers, directors, filmmakers, Olympic Committees and Sports Federations, advertising and integrated communication agencies, that will show the whole universe of cinema and sport television through spot, reportages, fiction, cartoon, etc. in the 7 competitive Sections. The Festival, characterized by international participation (journalists, operators and industry experts, sports champions) that determines a strong media, tourism and economic impact in the region, is articulated into Projections, Meetings, Workshops, Exhibitions, Press Conferences, Side Events, Awards of international guests.

The Official Rules are available on www.fictsfederation.it/rules_spmtv2015.pdf.

The “Entry form” is available on http://fictsfederation.it/entry_form.doc.

The submission can be paid directly by website www.sportmoviestv.com/festival/.



FICTS, as “International Federation of Sport Broadcasters”, launches the “Tv Sport Emotions Program”, a circuit of Meeting and Forum, in conjunction with the Festival of the “World FICTS Challenge”, to study the new trends of sports content in TV channels through annual international appointments.

Beijing (China) – from July 3 to 9 - will host in the framework of the “11th Beijing International Sports Film Week” the annual International Meeting promoted by the FICTS and BODA as a springboard, a showcase for the International Forum that Beijing will host in 2016 in one venue: Federations, Organizations, Brand, Sponsor, Network, New Media Producers. Kazan (Russia) will be – on the occasion of the “33rd Worldwide Final of World FICTS Challenge 2015” (5-10 August) - the Workshop “New Sport Movies and television market trends” a meeting, debate, cultural-professional exchange among TV Network, Producers, Directors, Distributors, Journalist and Market Operators on the developments, tendencies of TV, Web and mobile to the presence of TV, sport and media personalities. During the event is scheduled the “Tv Sport Emotions Award - The best tv sport channel of the world” of the year already assigned, in past editions, to Eurosport (France) in 2012, to CCTV - China Central Television (China) in 2013 and Sky Sport (Italy) in 2014. In Milano (Italy) – in the within of “Exsport Movies & Tv 2015” (October 27 to 31) on the occasion of “World Day of Sport Television” will be held the final event of the program “Tv Sport Emotions”.

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