28 October - 2 November 2010

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FICTS Festival


Baku, capitale dell’Azerbaijan, ospiterà – dal 18 al 21 novembre 2014 – il “2nd Baku International FICTS Sport Films Festival”. L’evento internazionale - organizzato dal Ministero della Cultura e del Turismo in collaborazione con il Ministero dello Sport e Giovani ed il Comitato Olimpico Azero – si colloca nell’ambito del “World FICTS Challenge” Campionato Mondiale del Cinema e della Televisione Sportiva.

Il Programma del “2nd Baku International FICTS Sport Film Festival” comprenderà Proiezioni di 30 opere alla presenza di registi e produttori internazionali, Meeting, Mostre, Workshop, Convegni che avranno luogo presso il “Nizami Cinema Center” complesso multisala polifunzionale (il più grande del Sud Caucaso) che ospiterà anche le Cerimonie di Apertura e di Premiazione. Il Festival, organizzato in concomitanza con la 43a Assemblea Generale del Comitato Olimpico Europeo, costituirà un momento promozionale per lo sport in Azerbaijan alla vigilia della prima edizione dei “Giochi Europei” che avranno luogo a Giugno 2015.

Le iscrizioni scadono il 1 ottobre 2014. Info  http://www.bisff.az/entry-form/



Baku, capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan, will host – from 18th to 21st November 2014 - the “II Baku International FICTS Sport Films Festival”. The International event is organized by Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan in collaboration with the Ministry of Sport and Youth and the Azerbaijani Olympic Committee in the framework of the “World FICTS Challenge” Worldwide Championship of Cinema and Sport Television.

The “2nd Baku International FICTS Sport Films Festival” will take place at the “Nizami Cinema Center” multifunctional cinema (the largest theatre in the South Caucasus) which will also host the Opening and Awarding Ceremonies. The Festival – organized in the same period of the 43rd General Assembly of the European Olympic Committees - will be a promotional moment for sport in Azerbaijan on the eve of the first edition of the “European Games” that will take place in June 2015.

The Festival will become a symbol of the union of sport and creativity, and propagate Olympic ideals and the healthy lifestyle. Showing sport from creative point of view and its peculiar presentation to the audience will trigger the growth of interest of the youth in these fields.

Creative people and production companies who would like to participate in the Festival can get useful information on our official website www.bisff.az.

Deadline submissions: October 1st 2014.

To participate in “II Baku International FICTS Sport Films Festival”, first register on the official website www.bisff.az, by filling in the entry form. All authors or producers who submit applications for participation in the competition are obliged to send short biography, filmography and photo of the director.



President of the FICTS Prof. Franco Ascani addressed Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov with proposal to hold the international sports film festival in Kazan in 2015. Best feature and documentary films about sport will be shown during the event.

Russian Deputy Minister of Sport Natalia Parshikova, Tatarstan Minister of Culture Airat Sibagatullin, Tatarstan Minister of Youth Affairs and Sport Rafis Burganov, Head of Executive Office of Sports Projects Azat Kadyrov took part in the meeting at the Kazan Kremlin.

Kazan (Rep. of Tatarstan). From left FICTS President Prof. Franco Ascani
together with Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov

Rustam Minnikhanov welcomed Franco Ascani, who is taking part in the congress of International Fair Play Committee, and told him about major sports events held in the republic. The President noted that the international sports film festival was held in Kazan in 2009, and documentary film «U are the world» was shot after Universiade. Prof. Franco Ascani, in his turn, thanked Rustam Minnikhanov for his attitude to development of sport in the republic and offered holding the annual international sports film festival in Kazan in 2015. Film directors from 113 countries will take part in selective rounds of the festival around the world, and the final round will be held in Kazan.

Kazan (Republic of Tatarstan): meeting beetween FICTS President Prof. Ascani and the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov

Prof. Ascani noted that Kazan may become the first city outside Italy to host the festival. Event managers say the festival will be held for six days within the framework of World Aquatics Championship 2015.

Tatarstan President supported the idea and charged relevant authorities with the task to start preparing for the festival.



The International Jury, heard the Organizing Committee of “Sport Movies & Tv 2014”, has decided to extend till 10 September 2014 (6 p.m.) the submissions and the delivery of the productions for all the competitive Sections in order to come greet to the several requests received by the producers and directors whom are working for the editing of the productions about the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 and 2014 Kazan World Fencing Championships.

Sport Movies & Tv 2014 – 32nd Milano International FICTS Fest” , traditional worldwide event dedicated to television, cinema, sport, culture and communication scheduled in Milano (Italy), from 3rd to 8th December, at the end of 16 Festivals in the 5 Continents of the Worldwide Championship of Cinema and Sport Television “World FICTS Challenge”.

The event – under the motto “FICTS Is Culture Through Sport” - is organized by FICTS (Fédération Internationale Cinéma Télévision Sportifs, joined with 113 Countries) recognized by IOC - International Olympic Committee. The Federation is presided by Prof. Franco Ascani Member of IOC Commission for “Culture and Olympic Education”.

In order to make easy the work of the Jury, should be better, however, to send – as soon as possible - the Entries Form (available on https://wcpapp.wcpmediaservices.net/wcpApp/free/festival/festivalForm) filled in every part by mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

All the materials of productions can be sent to the Organising Committee in two different ways.

Digital delivery with the new innovative web tools, digital asset management system and digital sending via cloud through the digital platform of WCPMedia Services who offers to all the participants, the possibility to use, the platform for free deposit on cloud and send in an efficient, fast and reliable audio-visual contents. It also provides the smartest and the most secure environment to control your film material anywhere, anytime at any stage of production, promotion, sales and distribution.

Physical delivery sending all the materials to: FICTS - Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs  Via de Amicis 17, 20123 Milano (Italy).

The productions that will arrive to the Organizing Committee of “Sport Movies & Tv 2014”, by and no later than 10 September, will compete in 2014 – with only one entry fee – in  “Sport Movies & Tv 2014 – 32nd Milano International FICTS Fest” scheduled in Milano (Italy), from 3rd to 8th December and in “Tianjin Worldwide Final of World FICTS Challenge 2014” organized – by FICTS in collaboration with the Jinghai County Government of Tianjin - in Tianjin (P.R. of China) from 6 to 11 October 2014. The Official Rules is available on http://www.fictsfederation.it/rulespmtv2014.pdf. The submission can be paid directly by website www.sportmoviestv.com/festival/.

“Sport Movies & Tv 2014 – 32nd Milano International FICTS Fest” - articulated in 150 Projections (in 7 points of projection in the same time), 8 Meeting, 2 Workshops, 4 Exhibitions, 4 Side Events, 2 Press Conferences, 30 Awards - is a privileged place of meeting for authors, media, broadcastings, worldwide Networks, houses of productions, majors, producers, directors, filmmakers, Olympic Committees and Sports Federations, advertising and integrated communication agencies, that will show the whole universe of cinema and sport television through spot, reportages, fiction, cartoon, etc. in the 7 competitive Sections:  1. Olympic Spirit (Olympic Values); 2. Documentary (Individual sports; Team sports; Great Champions; Reportage); 3. TV Shows & New Technologies (Sports programs, Talk Shows, Entertaining; New Media); 4. Sport & Society (Sport & Solidarity; Sport for All, Education, Technique/didactics); 5. Movies (Fiction); 6. Sports Adverts (Social/Institutional advertising, Commercial advertising); 7. Movies & Tv Football.


FICTS - Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs – for those who will sent the “Hotel Reservation Form” (available to the following link http://www.fictsfederation.it/hotelreservationform.doc) directly to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (referent Mrs Loredana Leonini) by and no later than 30th September 2014 - will pay the 50% of the cost of the overnight stay to the participants (max for two persons) at the NASCO HOTEL (4 star in Corso Sempione 69, Milano) for the guests for all the period of the Festival.



The President of FICTS - Fédération Internationale Cinéma Télévision Sportifs Prof. Franco Ascani, in his capacity as Member of the IOC Commission for Culture and Olympic Education, will be a speaker at the International Congress “Fair Play - Honour and the Achievements in Sports” with a report on “Sports as a tool for social change through television, new media and social networks”. The Congress goal are: development and popularization of Fair Play movement and its principles; promoting sports culture, religious and racial tolerance by means of sports. Topics of the sessions: Fair Play noble principles and ideas in upbringing and education, role of media in promoting humanism and high morals in sports and society and Fair Play principles: sport without doping.

FICTS President Prof. Franco Ascani at Congress in Kazan

The Congress - organized in the framework of the “World Fair Play Award Ceremony” by the International Fair Play Committee, Government of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Olympic Committee, Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation - will take place in Kazan (Republic of Tatarstan - Russia) on 18 July. Leading scientists and experts in sports, distinguished athletes, sport journalists as well as representatives of judges community will attend to the Congress. Among which: Rustam Minnikhanov President of Republic of Tatarstan, Thomas Bach President of the International Olympic Committee, Vitaly Mutko Minister of Sport of Russian Federation, Alexander Zhukov IOC Member and President of the Russian Olympic Committee, Jenő Kamuti President of the International Fair Play Committee.

During his stay in Kazan is scheduled a official meeting between Prof. Ascani and the President of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Minister of Sport Rafis Burganov with which will be defined the guidelines for the organization of an event of cinema and sport television that Kazan could host in 2015 on the occasion of the FINA World Championship (July 24-August 9) as well as actions aimed to the promotion of culture, sport and the image of Kazan. The city is called “Russian Capital of Sport” because, after the Universiade in 2013, the World Fencing Championship in 2014 (taking place in these days) and the 2015 FINA World Championship, Kazan will also host some matches of the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018, including a semifinal game. As evidence of its “sports character”, the city of Kazan in 2013 won a special award assigned by the International Sports Event Management Awards as the “Best city for the development of sports events”.

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