UESpT – Union Européenne du Sport pour Tous (continental Union of the FISpT – Federation Internationale Sport pour Tous) with seat in Lisbon (Portugal) chaired by Prof. Franco Ascani and the UPKL – Union of Professionals Ki Life aisbl with seat in Bruxelles (Belgium) whose Secretary General is Dr Corrado Genova have been signed a four-years partnership agreement.

The cooperation between the two institutions aims at the realization of the training program of the figure of European/International Social Sports Educator whom dynamic role sees him constantly adapt to changes to which the international system is subject (social, economic, political, etc.).

UESpT and UPKL – considering the communication of the European Commission of 18th January 2011 entitled “Developing the European dimension in sport” (COM(2011)0012 final) – affirm to share and cooperate for the fulfillment of the guidelines coming from the Relation A70385 of 18th November 2011 by the European Parliament / European Dimension of Sport and its possible further changes,

The parties have undersigned the following commitments:

  • To promote the “Sport for All”, meant as physical, natural and recreational activity with any possible mean in the limit of mutual possibilities;
  • To intervene through politics based upon sustainable projects to promote the Exchange of knowledge and experiences and to promote healthy lifestyles;
  • To organised educational programmes through the sports image;
  • Engage for manager, collaborator, official, member of the two parties in sharing the partnership and in acting in full compliance with principles of Sport and in accordance with the laws of Citizenship State and of the International Community.

The agreement UESpT – UPKL is part of the agreement that the FICTS – Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs signed in 2010 with the FISpT (Federation Internationale Sport pour Tous, founded in 1982, chaired by Isa Mohammad A. Rahim) with the primary aim to achieve forms of collaboration and synergy together with other organizations in order to carry out projects and initiatives aimed to the promotion of “Sport for All” and “Sport Values”.