Sport and cultural values


FICTS, according with its federal activities coordinated with the IOC guidelines and in agreement with it, works with these aims:


Spreading Olympism among youngsters as an informative, educational and social instrument in the pursuit of universality, tolerance, ethics, respect, self-disciplines, friendship, peace, solidarity and fair play, through the yearly “World FICTS Challenge” with 16 Festivals in 5 Continents and the assignment of the “Excellence Guirlande d’Honneur”, bringing forward the ideal of “Culture through Sport” inherent in the “Manifesto of the Culture and Image of Sports”. Spreading sports movies, in different languages and productions methods, can contribute to the development of different artistic and cultural tendencies in the world of cinema and TV.


Using the power of the image of sports expressed in the projects “Olympic Images and Olympic Values”, “Olympic culture through images: an heritage of values”, a programme, in collaboration with the Olympic Museum, for the diffusion and the cultural use of all time Olympic images promoting Olympic culture and its priceless values through FICTS stakeholders, world of culture, world of sport, world of communication, and finally in the project “TV Sport Emotion” with the award of the “Diploma Excellence for TV”.


Encouraging youth to use their creativity in order to create “30 Projects for 30 Ideas” to become simultaneously, using new devices, creators and consumers of sports contents, through modern technologies such as YouTube, smart phones or tablets, and through the “Media Lab on-line” project, which is a stable and virtual lab of audiovisual contents at disposal of talented youth. FICTS will be active through the Web Site, its App and Newsletters, the 16 yearly international appointments and the International Forum.


In harmony with Olympic Agenda 2020 proposal, launching the project “Olympic Short Film Contest”, approved by the IOC Commission for Culture and Olympic Heritage, arranged by international experts and coordinated by FICTS, as operating arm, with the IOC Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage, consisting in the organization of a “ready made” Contest for audiovisual productions inspired by the “idea of Olympism”, through images, Web and Social Networks, involving worldwide population and youth in particular.


For younger audience, the intention is to realize the Project “Sport and School: emotions in sport, culture through images” that is to show and distribute educative and formative audiovisual contents in Schools, Universities and Sports Organizations. Developing physical education and sports culture programs in order to promote an active lifestyle through social and recreational sport. Schools will also be involved by studying a special format that leads pupils to reflect on a theme, an article, a picture or a slogan linked to the “Manifesto of the Culture and Image of Sports”.



The project “Olympic Television Channel” will be a FICTS priority. FICTS provides audiovisual content selected from its Archives for the Channel and promotes the Channel at international level among its 9.186 Stakeholders, TV, producers, journalists, executives Sports, CNO, Directors, and business operators. The idea behind the Olympic Channel is to promote the Olympic Brand and its values. FICTS will be active putting at disposal its thirty years experience, its know-how and its Sports Image Portal.



Elaborating documents, publications, websites and other forms of collaboration to realize projects and initiatives aimed to the promotion of Olympic and Paralympic Culture. Organizing periodically international events related to sport and culture in conjunction with great world events encouraging media to promote them. Drawing up a plan of initiatives to support the collaboration among all those who work creatively in sport’s field: meetings, conferences, debates and events about cinema, television and sport communication to stimulate the study, discussion and knowledge related to cultural issues through all FICTS Stakeholders.



Setting up Exhibitions with the 2.500 Memorabilia of sports and cinema at FICTS availability with the involvement of internationals collectors in collaboration with the project “Olympic Museums Network” and with the Library of the IOC Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage: pictures and videos based on cultural, educational, social and fair play values will be used. Promoting gender equality and strengthening women’s participation in, and through, sport through the project “30 Women for 30 Ideas for sport culture”.



FICTS supports IOC proposal about the fulfilment of “The Olympic House”, hypothetical showcase of Olympic movement to audience where Olympic Games culture and philosophy should be transmitted through images, videos, events and exhibitions. Strengthening recreational and educational subject of sport making it accessible to everyone, worldwide, through social and cultural activities, possibly free of charge, as stated by the project “Olympic Solidarity through Images”.



FICTS will involve Cultural Organizations (Panathlon, Sports for All, Sports for Peace, Fair Play, etc.) to follow the affirmation of the sport ideals and its moral and cultural values, as a tool for development and improvement of the individual and example of solidarity among peoples, through a promotional campaign consisting of cultural and educational action, social research and promotion of sports image through Conferences, Seminars and Workshops. The campaign will end with the annual award the “Guirlande d’Or” and the Plate of the “Manifesto of the Culture and Image of Sports”.