La fuerza del balon

9 Aug 2018
Company: Wp Films
Country: PANAMA
Discipline: Soccer
Year: 2017
Director: Alberto Serra
Editing: Alberto Serra
Actors: Juan Ramon Solis, Gabriel Gomes, Felipe Baloy, Rene Mendieta
Photos: Carlos Murgas, Jesus Obando
Soundtrack: Alberto Serra
Voice Off: Joel Sanchez
Producer: Alberto Serra
Time: 60 min




Panama social reality is similar to that of other countries in South America. The common fate of poverty that crushes without distinction. The soccer for ball as a possibility for few people, to emerge, to succeed without making mistakes and to die young in the street. In Panama over the last 20 years more than 30 soccer players have been murder because of crime problems. Trying to become a professional player is not an easy task. This is the story of the real struggle to become one of them and make it to the national team.