• Olympism is a universal ideal of culture through sport, which a great educational tool for social change and for the remarkable growth of young people. For FICTS, sport is a “Global Movement at the service of humanity”.
  • FICTS conceives Olympic values as an instrument of human dignity in the world, and a vehicle of growth and people’s harmonious development. FICTS sustains sport independence and autonomy for social development and peace.
  • FICTS promotes the social and cultural meaning of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, blending sport with culture, with the intent to spread a life philosophy, based on educational values and the respect of universal ethical principles of sports and Olympism.
  • FICTS encourages young people to use their creativity to become creators and consumers of sports contents, including Olympic images, through modern technologies and social media. Furthermore, it supports the interaction and sharing of those contents.
  • FICTS, through sport culture, considers fundamental aspects in the actual context of globalisation: the comprehension and mutual respect of different civilization, culture diversities, the responsibilities, social integration, equal opportunities and the rights for disabled people.
  • FICTS believes that women are a fundamental element for a profitable development of culture and education. They are key figure in the social dynamics of contemporary society. FICTS encourages and sustains the role of women in sports, at all levels and in all structures, in the light of the principle of non-discrimination between men and women.