General Assembly

On 30th October 2015 at Palazzo Cusani has occurred the four-year Congress and the FICTS General Assembly, where the representatives of the 116 Countries Member have attended the Meeting. Prof. Franco Ascani, who was re-elected unanimously FICTS – Fédération Internationale Cinéma Télévision Sportifs President, for 2016-2019.

The FICTS Vice President from Uzbekistan is Sabir Ruziev.

During the Congress were elected the new Members of the four Permanent FICTS Commissions: Festival, Communication and Marketing, Market rights television and movies and Youth, Education And Culture.

During the FICTS General Assembly were shown of the international circuit “World FICTS Challenge 2016” by the organisers of each phase with 5 “new entries”: Teheran (Iran), Dubai (UAE), Evora (Portugal), Spoleto (Italy), and Saint Petersburg (Russia). Prof. Franco Ascani showed the Board of Directors “Report” (already discussed in Kazan on 5-6 august) to representatives of FICTS International Commission, with the Federation objectives and lines action from a political-organizational point of view for the next years 2016-2019.