FICTS Board of Trustees 2016 – 2019

The Board of Trustees 2016 – 2019 of FICTS – Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs, approved by the Quadriennial Congress on 16th November 2017 – is composed by:

President: Franco B. Ascani (Italy)


Vice President: Sabir Ruziev (Uzbekistan)
President for Europe: Pierandrea Chevallard (Italy)
 President for Africa: Dean Kibirige (Uganda)


President for East Asia: Jiang Xiaoyu (P. R. of China)
President for Nord America: Donna De Varona (U.S.A.)
President for South America: Danilo Carrera Drouet (Ecuador)


Councillor: Juli Pernas (Spain)
Councillor: Shamil Tarpischev (Russia)
Honorary Secretary General: Enzo Cappiello (Italy)
Treasurer: Krzysztof Marszalik (Poland)
 Social Prosecutor: Giuseppe Gianduia (Italy)

Auditor: Mirco Cussigh (President, Switzerland)
AuditorGeorge Pigos (Greece)


Honorary Member: Ching Kuo Wu (IOC Executive Board, Taipei)
Honorary Member: Francesco Ricci Bitti (ASOIF President, Switzerland)
Honorary Member: Mohamed Al Fayed (FICTS Hall of Fame)
Honorary Member: Mario Pescante (IOC Member, Italy)
Honorary Member: Anita L. Defrantz (IOC Member, USA)