FICTS President Prof. Franco Ascani meets the Institutions of Liberec Region in Czech Rep.

20 Oct 2017

FICTS President Prof. Franco Ascani has met, on October 5th, the Institutions of the Region of Liberec in Czech Rep. where is under development the 20th edition of “Liberec International FICTS Festival”: Dr. Martin Půta Governor of the Liberec Region and Dr. Tibor Batthyány City Mayor who sponsor and support the “Liberec International FICTS Festival” since twenty years.

At the meeting, held at the venue of Liberec Region where there is set up a photographic Exhibition on topic “Olympic Idea, Olympic Games and Sport”, together with Prof. Franco Ascani where present Vladimír Boháč V. President of “Liberec International FICTS Festival”, Pavel Landa Member of International Festival FICTS Commission and Director of the Festival, David Opatrný Sport Manager and Nikolay Porokhovnik Director of the “Atlant International FICTS Festival”.

From left: Pavel Landa Director of the Festival, Nikolay Porokhovnik, Prof. Franco Ascani FICTS President,  Dr Tibor Batthyány  Mayor of Liberec, Vladimír Boháč V. President of “Liberec International FICTS Festival”

The Liberec Town Hall the large Neo-Renaissance building in town, which was built from 1888 till 1893 by design of the Viennese architect, Franz Neumann, replacing earlier structures dating to 1602, will host, on Thursday October 5th, the “Award Ceremony” with the delivery of the “Jiří Kössl Award” to the winners that will compete in “Sport Movies & Tv 2017” Final scheduled in Milano (Italy) from November 15th – 20th.

The Festival of Liberec is organized – in the framework of the Worldwide Championship of the Cinema and sport television “World FICTS Challenge” – by the “Sports and Physical Training Organization” of Liberec in collaboration with FICTS, Czech Olympic Committee, the Czech Union of Sport, Film and Television Association (FITES). The promoter of the Festival is Liberec Sport and Physical Education Organizations, Regional Organizations ČSTV in district Liberec.