FICTS at “Exposition Sports Memories 2017” in Brazil in August one year from the Rio Olympics

25 Jul 2017

FICTS – Fédération Internationale Cinema Télévision Sportifs, a year from the 2016 Rio Olympics, supports and gives its Patronage to “Exposition Sports Memories 2017 – 2nd Edition” scheduled in Rio de Janeiro from August 16th till October 1st.

The Exposition – included the International Circuit of the “World FICTS Challenge 2017” – is an audiovisual exposition that has the aim of to show, after 10 years of precious work, the history of the World Olympic and Brazilian sport through cinema in 100 years. The exposition – organised by Guanabara Filmes (directed by Josè Joaquim and Josè Candido Soares) in collaboration with the Government of the City of Rio de Janeiro, with the Brazilian Post Office (Correios sponsor of the local Organizing Committee for Rio 2016 Olympic Games) and Amil, aims to enhance the universality and the positive values of sport through the exciting images of esteemed directors and qualified workers in the world of cinema and television. The “Exposition Sports Memories” – that will be held in the Post Office Centro Culturale “Core Business” of the event – will be articulated in three part: 1) Worldwide sports film exhibition; 2) Athletes Sports Museum; 3) Games and Media Center.

FICTS Secretary General Enzo Cappiello will attend to the event articulated in projections (60 sports disciplines from 60 Countries), Meetings and Award Ceremony.