Doping and inquiries to “Sport Movies & Tv 2016”. German journalist and author Hajo Seppelt in Milano

13 Oct 2016

Kristina Hedberg journalist of SVT – Sverige Television and Hajo Seppelt investigative journalist of the German TV network ARD (WDR) will be competing into “Sport Movies & Tv 2016” in Milan with some works on doping in athletics and the world football inquiries.

Doping – Top Secret: Russia’s red herrings” (ARD German TV) is the third part of a series on doping on doping in athletics with a particular focus on Russia. In it, the director, together with co-author Florian Riesewieck, showed how Russian coaches and officials could have avoided conditions of the World Athletics Federation (IAAF) and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WAD).

Fools of football” (SVT – Sweden) is the troublesome inquiries on European soccer in the year of UEFA’s scandals of Swedish Television: the scandals involving Juventus FC in 2004-2005,  the criticism at FC Barcelona, FIFA and the worldwide scandal. A journey through Europe with the journalist Kristina Hedberg who decided to look into places where she used to turn her blind eye.